Long, sorry - Some advice please? Hit & run.

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  1. Hey all,

    It's been a right shit day for me to be honest. Drove 40 miles to see the other half's family, 10 minutes after parking up and cuddling my soon to be new kitten I hear an almighty fucking bang outside, look out the window and see a van speeding off and my car alarm starts blaring. I panicked and legged it downstairs, unlock the fucking hundreds of locks my mother in law has and find my car 4 feet from where it was parked written off at the front, also knackered the back of mine and the back of an Audi A4 that was parked behind me. My MIL called the police and got a crime no, I took a ton of pictures on my phone and got in touch with the insurer who organised to get it towed. Took the Audi guys details n they got loads of evidence too.

    Onlookers seemed to think it was a driver leaving the pub opposite, took a wide turn and hit my car, the pub has CCTV but won't have captured the accident, only the vans reg hopefully.

    What I need help with is that this whole shit show happened 40 miles from home and I need to go to the police and give the crime no, evidence, license and log book but does it matter which station i go to? I assume it doesn't but I'm not sure?

    I also want to know what are the chances of me getting any compensation for a new car, whether the third party is found or not?

    I'm mostly here to bitch that I got no fucking car but any advice is welcome, never happened to me before :/
  2. I'm sorry my friend, that's so shitty. You should go to the police close to where the incident happened. If you drive 40 miles away and reported it, it could be out of their jurisdiction
  3. I live in the UK I'm not sure it works like that here :/

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