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  1. uhhh ok. this is kind of hard to explain, so bear with me.

    a few months ago i met this guy through a mutual friend. we started hanging out a lot, like right away we were inseparable...i still technically live at home with my dad, but i'm at his house probably five or six days a week, sometimes for a couple weeks at a time. we started "dating," but then he broke up with me because he said he hasn't had a girlfriend since his baby mama and hasn't wanted one. but even after we broke up, we were still as good as together, and we still are, you know, i mean absolutely nothing would change if we made it "official."

    ok, now here's some baccground. he just moved here last year, and he hasn't wanted anything other than just a scrape, a 304, a fucc buddy, whatever the fucc you want to call them. and by that, i mean he never would kiss one of them, or spend the night with them, or cuddle, or any of that shit. and i know it's true because i've seen the way he interacts with girls, and everyone that i've talked to that knows him has said the same thing, and that he never lets himself care like that. but he does all of it with me, and wants me around all the time. he's constantly telling me how much he likes me, how much he wants to be with me, but after he tells me this he still always says that we can't be together.

    all right, so that being said, neither of us had previously talked about why i want to be with him, and why he won't be with me. he finally started talking about it a little bit a few nights ago. i asked him why it was so big of a deal for him for us to not be together even though we may as well be, and this was his response:

    "because you're perfect. you're so right in so many ways. there's a deeper and a harder way to explain it, but the easiest way to say it is that i don't want us to ever disappoint or hurt each other, and i think that a lot of doors could be opened for that to happen if we were boyfriend and girlfriend." he also said that he's afraid he's going to fucc up because he always does, and he doesn't want me to get the brunt of it. i've told him that no matter what ends up happening, we'll still be tight at the end of all of it. the only thing i asked of him was that he never lies to me. and all he asked of me was that i didn't bring any emotional bullshit drama.

    now, i am not the kind of girl who gets jealous, or really even emotional at all. about anything. i rarely ever like a guy enough to actually want to be with him, but this guy...he's different. he makes me happy, he makes sure i'm taken care of, he has my bacc for anything...i don't know WHY the FUCC i want to be with him so badly...it's not even the fact that we're not "official." i'm fine being the way with him that we are right now...i just want to know that i have him, you know? i want him to do him and i'll do me, as long as i'm the one he comes bacc to every night. i'm crazy about him, and it freaks me out, and he knows it.

    my question is...what the fucc am i supposed to think? i don't think he's mindfuccing me...but you never know really know someone's mind. how does all this shit sound to everyone else? am i crazy for thinking it's genuine? it's like we completely equal each other out. everything's always good with him.

    i'm sorry this was so long, i just haven't talked to anyone about it and kind of needed to just get it all out there. anyway, if anyone has any insight or advice...let me know. :eek:
  2. as much as men like logic, and oh boy do we like it, you're not gonna convince him with any logical points, you're gonna have to get at him emotionally with a freeze out

    you have to tell him if you aren't going to be together you don't want to be involved in all this meaningless physical stuff because it feels like he might just be using you for your body when you want someone to appreciate you for who you are as a person and as nice as the words sound, actions speak louder than words

    if he doesn't respond to that then he really is just fucking with you and doesn't want to commit
  3. He all ready had a kid.......this seems sketch. 2 things: he is using or.......he is afraid to be emotionally attached because your "perfect" for each other, if he does feel this way he could be thinking "what's the catch?", waiting to see if you show up with a kid saying it's his after you guys have only been seeing each other for 6 months:rolleyes:. What does he show you more of? sex or affection? Just quietly monitor his demeanor towards you and really try to sort through his body language when you ask compound or double meaning questions.
  4. you spelt "fuck" wrong

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