Long 'ol winter without her :(

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  1. The snow hasn't even hit the ground and stuck yet, and I'm already sad/depressed about putting my car away for the winter/having shitty weather.. :(

    I took the summer days for granted, bombing around in that yellow thang is all I really want to do right meow.. I miss all the sexy girls giving me looks, all the old people giving me dirty looks, driving around pumping beats, all the boys standing outside our whips in parking lots hitting the bong, chilling with broads, railing them in the back seat!!!!!

    FUCK!!! I can't keep reminiscing about this, I'ma lose my mind by next summer... :devious:

    Oh well it's always a good time to do mods.

    Anyone else gotta store their car for the winter?
  2. Did you store that fat, heavy, slow yellow heap in a dumpster where it belongs?

    PS: you started it:devious:
  3. Meh, germans temper their car in their harsh winters.

    And even in the snow, my babe doesn't give me any surprises even on summer tires/limited slip.

    traction control off is crucial though.
  4. Road salt isn't used where your from?

  5. Keep it washed!
  6. I'm considering keeping it out for a bit, maybe put some Blizzaks or something on it lolol. Apparently were not really getting real snow till Febuary.

    My car is rear wheel drive though, and pretty heavy, so it's not the best snow vehicle
  7. I live in Texas so it doesn't really matter

  8. What kinda car do you have ?
  9. Sorry not everybody wants a car older then them held together by Elmer's glue and fuckin' cardboard.

    '11 Camaro RS
  10. ^^ sounds like a great car to have some drifting fun with before they throw down salt
  11. I thought so too..

    Today was the first snow fall, I went out there with my Pirelli P Zero's on (dry traction tire, fucking things don't even grip in the rain remotely, so picture the snow, they are also hard as fuck) and it was not enjoyable at all.

    My car won't do anything but spin, right up to 6th if I wanted, and the ice under the snow is no fun to drift on because it's not drifting it's basically just gonna put you in the cabbage ahahaha... Like you can't get enough speed to get going because all you do is spin, and when you go to whip it around it just turns and doesn't go anywhere ahaha!

    Called the storage place and got one :( ahaha
  12. lets see...winter?? oh yea i dont really see winter so ill be driving my beast around town all winter lmfao
  13. Store it for winter???? I don't think so:

  14. I forgot to mention I have a Silverado also, with minor mods..

    Headers, no cats, Flowmaster super 10 series (3 inch true duals), intake, distributor, plugs n wires, shift kit, on 33' MTR's with a 2 inch lift. I like driving it a lot more than I do my car in the winter :). It's nice to have the best of both worlds.
  15. I don't Think its the best of both worlds cause a v8 camaro sucks n corners and truck is only cool if its a blah blah blah.

    Don't you hate that Shit. Sounds like a nice 'maro man. And I've always liked the silverados. Is it a z71? Feeling your bowtie swag. Cool to have both sides. I got a jeep xj and e30 BMW. So I'm accustomed to the mindset. Haha

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