Long live the USSR?

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  1. I agree with this, and you?
  2. I personally like big booties, boobies, weed, good food, religious freedoms, owning a gun, having a tv and Internet, etc. Things that you probably would never know about unless your communist government thought you needed. Also if you come from an ethnic group that they didn't like, you would of been buried with your family... Google "pogroms" and look at the images...shit was weak back then over there
  3. I think Russian women are hot though... But not all.. Lol
  4. I was born too late. About 800 years.
  5. LOL....

    Please look at their history.... If you have to starve a population of a region into submission because they won't yield to your will is no way to lead a country, and making it so 60 million innocents perished.

  6. Nah man if I was alive in the USSR in the 30's I would of probably been sent to the gulag, or just shot. I have a hard time accepting American politics, Soviet politics would of made me gone ballistic.
  7. really? i would have taken advantage of the chance to say "comrade" all the time instead of "man".

  8. haha yeah that would be funny.

    You sparkin that jay comrade? For mother russia? :smoke::D

    But, no, the USSR sucked donkey dick.

    Putin hasn't really gotten that far since those days though haha, this is what.. his second term as president, and he named himself prime minister during Medvedev's stay as president, and now that hes president yet again.. Medvedev is being named prime minister smh.. its so obvious its ridiculous.
  9. My whole family is Russian, I was raised up bilingual, but born in Washington state. My parents came to the US right before everything collapsed since my dad got offered a job here. But coming from first hand "experience"(not really experience, but from my parents stories), I'll tell you this.
    Soviet Russia wasn't THAT great. Of course, it had some serious downsides, as Stalin was an evil bastard, but it had it's perks too. Free healthcare, free education, but you didn't have much of a choice in careers too. Also, their was some behind the scenes discrimination. My family has a long line of Jewish blood, and my mom was discriminated in school because of that. She got C's instead of B's, or B's instead of A's in University because many of the teachers didn't like Jews. But my mom being a strong mother, she fought for it and re took the tests. So yes, many hardships.
    My mom also didn't have much of a choice in her career before marriage. Most of our previous family(and current family in Russia) were engineers. My mom wanted to go in aviation, but she didn't have the chance because she wasn't allowed into the university of that field, alas, because she was Jewish.
    From my mom's stories, it wasn't his whole brainwashed society, but a society that was free thinking, but couldn't say anything, because persecution. Even though the teachers were forced to teach the kids to not like capitalism, or America for that fact, my mom still had hopes of visiting the US. She knew that it was stupidity of what the teachers told her and how close minded it was. So there are some misconceptions.
  10. One more thing, Putin is HORRIBLE. I swear, because of him and the oligarchy in Russia, everything is way over priced. For example, my Aunt in Russia purchased a mattress recently. Usually in America because of competition, its anywhere around the 200-800 dollar mark, depending on quality and such. But in Russia, the starting price is around 800 dollars. So my aunt actually did buy a 1000 dollar mattress; what would be here a 400 dollar mattress.
    I personally feel Putin is doing a way more worse job than the communists after Stalin.
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    An elderly Wolgadeutsche woman, who lived through collectivization, famine and war told me "The Soviets didn't leave much for the Nazi's to take."

    The strength of the USSR was not it's government or even it's ideological policy. The achievements (and failures) belong to the Central Eurasian people.
  12. Communism rose prematurely, probably by centuries.
  13. [quote name='"Broses"']

    really? i would have taken advantage of the chance to say "comrade" all the time instead of "man".[/quote]

    Why don't you just start incorporating "comrade" into your vocabulary? Infact I think I might start doing that. "pass me that there bong comrade" rolls off the tongue nice.
  14. USSR could have turned into a great country. Oh Fuck, too late.
    I expect a very dramatic change in the Russian Federation soon. Maybe it will become as it was in the 30's.

    I have little hope left. There, I said it.
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42Tah0DCubg]Billy Joel - Back In The USSR - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Россия навсегда!
  17. The way our presidential elections are going, honestly, I think the US would be better off if our choices were Putin or Putin.
  18. Yeah, Communism would only work with ideal humans. What we are now can't handle the responsibility of actually caring for others or ourselves as a species.
  19. The Beatles are great but I'm biased towards fellow Long Islanders :cool:

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