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    agghhhh i hate long distance shitty shit, my girlfriend got a grant from her college to go travel over to london and scottland, plane tickets and hostels paid for. so shes been gone since July 6th, and she was supposed to be returning to the states tomorrow, but shes decided to stay over until October because some of her friends are doing a semester abroad over there so she'll be able to crash with them for free, ride the couch and just buy food. now this is cool and all I'm happy for her to have such an awesome opportunity to be able to chill/travel around Europe for close to nothing. but i just feel shitty that shes been gone for so long, and now shell be gone for even longer. I really love this girl but just waiting around sucks. and another thing that has kind of been bugging me is about a week or so ago on her facebook profile it stopped saying that she was in a relationship with me, like she blocked that part of her profile or somthing, it doesnt say shes single or anything but it still says that im in a relationship with her, and i have no clue why this is, i really dont think she is the backstabbing cheating slut whore type, and i really hope that im just reading into that too much because i dont have anything better to do untill school starts back up. I'm sorry for the rant but i had to get this off my chest and i felt like i couldnt talk to any of my friends about this.
    so what do you blades think?
  2. have u asked her? she has a fb. why not message her. they still have computers in England rite?
    if shes taken off the relationship stuff its probably for a reason.
    id get it figured out sooner than later... but thats just me. im the jealous type.
  3. My personal opinion isn't gonna make you happy but...

    Shes in Europe man, you really don't think she will "explore" so to speak?

    Idk man I don't trust girls at all, so my post is biased. I believe all girls will cheat if given the chance.
  4. Sounds sketch. Obviously she is hiding other viewer's from knowing that she has a man.

    The idea to 'stay' longer might just given you the golden ticket to reality.

    Go out with friends and mingle with other people. Don't restrict yourself for being a little puppy following the bone. Long distance relationships do require quite a bit of work, however if you fully trust the girl..that's on you. Nobody knows her like you do. Best advice, keep your head high and do what makes you happy without having to worry/stress over a chick.
  5. I still talk to her everyday tho
    I just don't wanna bring that up and seem super untrusting

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