Long Distance Relationships work?

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  1. My name is Tyler and I am 18. I dated some girls in my area during highschool but I never really got that "love" feeling though... But, I met this girl through skype with one of my other friends and I really like her. I get the hint she likes me because I talked to her about it. It just seems crazy because my sisters friend owns a dock and he can boat me to her house in maybe 5-8 hours. I just really want to go meet her in person because I talk to her everyday and she does actually give me that "love" feeling, its great. :)

    So I want to know from you guys if you ever had/have a long distance relationship or if they work?

  2. not worth it
  3. Why not? I didn't explain everything but I think it is. ;)
  4. For a long distance relationship to work you have to know that you two will go non-long-distance at some point. But you're 18 years old and you haven't even been in a regular relationship with this girl for any time at all; it wont work. Don't go 5-8 hours out of your way just to meet someone for the first time..

  5. True... But she did break up with her boy friend for me. ;)
  6. Where do you live that you have to take a boat
  7. shes just gonna do that again and screw you over...
  8. That don't change a thing son
  9. In my experiences, they don't work.
  10. Especially at your age please, one of you will end up cheating. I am very sexual and not a cheater so it would never work for me, but it sounds like heartbreak city for pretty much anyone at your age. Why be tied down to a girl hundreds/thousands of miles away... you have too much to look forward to, live it up playboy!
  11. That doesn't sound like the kind of girl I would like to date. I'm not sure if I would be able to fully trust her. I wouldn't bother, goodluck man.
  12. Probably not worth it, she might leave you for someone else or cheat on you. Through long-distance relationships, there's a chance of getting involved through short-distance relationship apart from it. So there's where cheating can come into play. If you wanna take it the risk, by all means go for it. Nobody else can control your actions.
  13. If you are both committed it will work. I know a guy in college who dated long distance two years before getting married, they're still happy today.

    Unfortunately at your age it's extremely uncommon.
  14. They work if you want them to
  15. I really can't explain everything because I would have to write a book and I highly doubt she would cheat on me... lol. We have also been talking for like 4 months now.

  16. Then good luck bro and make the best of it.:bongin::bongin:
  17. Trust me bro.. girls I knew for years, and I literally mean 3 years+, who I dated online cheated on me.

  18. did they just like... video chat with someone else :confused:
  19. i've been in a long distance relationship for 6 months now.. couldn't be happier. the girl i'm with is amazing.

  20. Your 1 in a million then because every single long distance relationship Ive heard of NEVER works

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