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  1. Me and my girlfriend are in a long distance relationship. I'm in Oregon and she is in Italy. We both worked together in Oregon, but she is an exchange student to Italy for the year, any suggestions for us to help things go smoothly untill she comes back?

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  2. I would say to be honest and open with her about everything. Don't do things that you wouldn't want your girl to know about. Skype is good. So is writing letters and maybe getting some kind of cheap phone service so that she can call you pretty often.

    Maybe be sweet and send her a care package of the things that she will be missing from the states such as candy, her favorite Chapstick, ect.

    Just show her that you're trying to make things work. Hopefully she puts in the same effort and it all works out.
  3. That is what we have been doing. Except the packages, I'm 18 and a senior in high school, she's 17 and her exchange program won't let anyone except her immediate family contact her for the first 4 months. We have been flying under the radar with just using Facebook and FaceTime for now when her parents aren't home. 9 hour time difference really kills. Haha

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  4. Well good luck dude. Let her enjoy her time in Italy and you enjoy your senior year. Both of you are experiencing a time in your life that you will look back upon and never regret. So just try and enjoy it all as much as possible even if she is all the way across the world.
  5. id say go single for a year. dude shes around italian guys for a year
  6. Thanks man we will

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  7. a person can change a lot in a year, especially around new and different surroundings. she might not be the same person that left, but best of luck. honesty is key!
  8. We both realize that, she wants to come home. She can't understand what anyone says there, she has no friends there. No one likes her cause she's the outsider

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  9. take the year off dude.
    if shes in italy, theres going to be alot of pressure on both of you about what the other is doing, or if theyre keeping things from you.
    take the year off, and pick back up where you left off when she gets back. save yourself the stress
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    Last year my gf was in high school and I was starting my freshman year in uni. We long distanced the whole year, didnt see her for 4 months after I left at first. That was really hard. Before I left, we agreed to have a long-distance open relationship (we had only been dating for 4 months before I left). Well, right after I left she told me she was in love with me but I had all sorts of issues with allowing myself to be in love with her (although I knew it at the time). I hooked up with a few girls until October, she didnt hook up with anyone. Come October, we decided to no longer make it open. I knew that I was in love with her and that she was irreplaceable. We saw each other for winter break, that was fantastic. We facetimed almost everyday during the first 4 months of LDR and sent a few letters. After winter break, however, things changed a lot. All of a sudden we were really serious about each other. We started discussing our goals and dreams as we always had, but we were talking about OUR goals and dreams, together. We facetimed everyday after winter break and after a couple weeks I realized that she was the one for me.

    We continued talking on FaceTime and sending letters all of winter until I saw her for spring break, it was even better than the previous summer and winter break. Until summer came we kept doing the same thing we had been doing, it was working for us. She got into a university in the Midwest, and I was planning to come back to my canadian university because I didn't know what else to do. We basically lived together all summer, it was amazing, how perfectly compatible we are is a gift, even when we rarely fight, in its own way, its perfect. when it was time to part ways again and go LDR after 4.5 months, it was horribly difficult. Horribly difficult. I felt dead inside for weeks afterwards. I visited her overnight on my way up to Canada, and we have been facetiming everyday and I sent her a care package of really personal items she has attachments to, that we have attachments to. She came for 8 days in mid October and we never left each other's side practically.

    A little before she came up and during her time here we really planned out where we are gonna go together, because long distance sucks, frankly. She doesn't like her university and is transferring to one back home, and although I like my university, it doesn't offer the program I want to go into, so I need to transfer to the same one back home as well. Originally we were both going to do it at the end of this year, but her school is so intolerable (not getting into why) she is doing it at the end of this semester. We are going to be done with ldr come may, and actually able to live together and have lives together. We still have a number of visits this year, winter break, v-day, my spring break, and her spring break, and every step is that much closer to that last first hello (which btw the first kisses are the most amazing thing).

    What we do to get through it is be honest with each other, discuss our days, aggravations, happiness, us, the future, sometimes past memories, text all day about current things, watch movies and TV over FaceTime, and check in with each other and us as a whole occasionally. Oh, and facetime sex. Mostly, we try and make the distance an illusion, keep our relationship healthy and functioning. It wouldn't be possible without FaceTime, just something about seeing your SO...

    So buddy, it takes a lot of effort, and you have to be serious about this girl. Where are you two going, together, in life?
  11. Welp she literally just dumped me

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  12. Those italian dudes can seduce anyone! Sorry man.

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  13. Haha thanks man it's okay

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  14. This is a fucked up policy
  15. Wtf you must of been on the phone while reading this post for quick advice.

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