Long Distance Relationship.

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  1. I know I was kind of a dick but Connor needs to watch his fucking mouth lol

  2. This sounds like a good idea but it will be hard. :/

  3. no offence taken. :)

  4. I was having a breakdown, that's why. I can try and stop doing that. :/

  5. trust me brotha i know it's hard. i was dating my girlfriend for 3 years when i had to do this. talked every signle day all day before that, but then she just kinda started ignoring me and i was like wtf? ok, lets see how you like it.

    yeah, she started crying and apologized. it worked for me, but obviously my girl isnt yours and i aint you haha

    yeah man you really need to stop that. it shows weakness, and youre the man you need to show her you can be strong.
  6. OP, you gotta learn to get your emotions in check. I'm trying my best to not tear you a new asshole... You were bitching at her, but you're the one that's in the wrong. Just tell Chelsea that you have your phone on you (not that you're waiting for her or anything like that) and when she's ready to talk, you'll be there.

    It's clear that you want to be there for her, but you are literally raping her ears/eyes through Skype. You've gotta learn to sit back and have a little bit of patience. Ask her to call you at some point, don't tell her, and then get off Skype and leave her alone long enough to take a deep breath.

    Either way, I think your whole situation with her and whoever this Connor character is is fucked. You lost, brother. You say you're worried about her but all you did was sit there and bitch and piss and moan about yourself and how much you "love" and "need" her the entire time. Not once (I don't remember, I can tell my IQ went down after reading that) did you ASK HER what the problem was or HOW YOU COULD HELP. If she says she doesn't want to talk, push it a little bit. If she still says she doesn't want to talk, FUCKING STOP.

    You have some serious growing up to do, man. I am not an angry person, but if I could punch you in the face right now I would. You need someone to smack a little sense into you.

    How old are you? You'll say 18, which most likely means 16 based on the way you acted. You don't need this girl. Do you understand how many girls are out there that will fit your needs so much better than this girl? There are so many other girls and you're going to "fall in love" with several different girls before you find the right one. You have some serious growing up to do, man. My blood pressure is so damn high that I read through that entire thing. I want that 10 minutes of my life back.


  7. Thanks for being honest. ;)
  8. I did not read the whole thing because this is disgusting.

    "I'm going to bawl my eyes out"
    "I just cried myself to sleep"

    I think I'll just give you my VAGINA because then you'll have an excuse for acting like a chick.

    I don't even fucking care how mean this is. I literally WASTED 5 minutes of my life on your Internet attention whore girlfriend and her delinquent ex. Dude, move the fuck on and next time remember two things. Fuck long distance relationships and don't date bitches with bigger nuts than you.
  9. This girl is a fucking cunt. She's all apathetic, you're spilling your heart.

    She's willing to answer this fucking Connor kids calls when YOU ARE HER BOYFRIEND.

    I literally have never been this fucking angry over a post, but that was some straight up kiddie shit.

    Tell her that Suzie says she's a sloppy cunt.
  10. Last time, I promise.

    Op, there is a part of the conversation where you say, "I'm done". look at her answer immediately after it. She actually says she's sorry... why? because she thought you were going to dump her.

    She is playing fucking games and you let her walk all over you.
  11. broooooooooooooooooooo. you sound like a bitch ass bitch. just be like fuck you ho im not taking your shit anymore.

  12. I don't know if it's my fault or if it's hers.. lol
  13. Listen, you need to stop being needy. Like next time a chick comes at you, with that fucking bitchy shit you stand your ground and be like, "You know how to reach me."

    And by the way, the reason I know she is playing games is because she was trying to turn it around to be your fault. You DID ask what was wrong, asked if you could help and she brushed it off, so what gives her the right to act like you are in the wrong? You. You let it happen.

    Tell her if she wants a relationship of any kind she needs to fucking act right.

  14. I think she still likes connor, sad but true... so I'm done I guess.
  15. updated, look at first post

  16. updated, look at first post
  17. dude, listen to GirlyS. no doubt you were going through some shit and were reaching out for her. the problem is, you didn't want to take the support she was willing to give--next to nothing. she's 'playing' with you in the sense that she doesn't seem to really care if she hurts you or not. you really need to come to terms with the fact that she may not really, truly and deeply care about you--not saying that she does or doesn't, but you still need to be able to accept the situation if she isn't and not lose your shit.

    if you really feel like continuing this forward, i would try to have a real conversation with her: whether it be through txt, skype or voice.

    unfortunately, from the conversation, I personally would have nothing to do with her again. the fact that you're her bf and she's trying to play you and 'connor' against each other just wouldn't work for me.

    best of luck!
  18. ....

    are you serious bro?... actually look at what you wrote... you claimed over and over that you have cried your eyes out, cannot eat or sleep, and will commit suicide. I think there is a problem. This is no mature relationship and you sound like a 14 year old. I am sorry but..come on.. She is playing with you a bit yah, but your take that bait and shoving it in with extra helpings..

    I would recommend controlling your feelings much better in the future. If you really feel like you are suicidal, please call a number and check your self in (you are 18 aren't you?) If you aren't..talk to your parents. I know what it is like to want someone to talk to you. but you are doing it wrong. Give her space, she needs time to remember that you are important cuz right now you are sharing a bubble. Give her a break bro..I really do not know what else to say...

    edit- sry for being so honest..i apologize if you are at all offended in advance.
  19. You are nowhere near mature enough for a long distance relationship, grow the fuck up!
  20. If I were her, I would run as fast as I could in the other direction and never look back. Seriously, who wants that kind of over dramatic, pre-teen type angst in their life?

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