Long Distance Relationship.

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    So heres this... Why is she like this? I need to know if this is my fault or hers. Am I the rude one? She was happy and smiling and now she is this. I don't understand.

    Tyler Metzz
    answer skype

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    cant atm

    YesterdayTyler Metzz

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    givin er on halo

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    wow ur fucking kidding me...
    answer skype chelsea
    ur really putting halo over me, that's how much u care about me then... lol

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    wow someones butt hurt for no reason

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    i have been waiting all morning to talk to your ass and finally when ur not doing anything u deny to talk to me and start playing halo, wtf is that shit? really? lol

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    you havent been waiting all morning for me lol. you were up anyway.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    i have
    I care about you more then u think chelsea, can we please talk?

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    lol no u werent. you always up early playing wow and shit

    YesterdayTyler Metzz

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    This is the first time you've done this.
    It's weird.
    Games > Tyler

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    ohhai, welcome to my life. you do it with wow. lol.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    lol... I always get off wow for you. everytime your own I call you.
    I can't believe your doing this to me right now. I am about to cry me a pool and swim in my tears.

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    LOL youre dramatic

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    whatever if you don't feel like talking to me, I understand.
    answer skype come on

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    im in the worst mood

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    come on chelsea, I am coming over get on skype
    I always make you in a better mood
    Seriously I need you right now, I don't want to lose you.

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    no, you dont listen and shit or really act like you care when im upset. only reason i seem happy is cause we just dont talk about it..

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    well helllooooo I can't do anything if you don't answer skype ? lol
    All I Want to do is talk to the girl I care most aobut in this world and I can't so I am mad.
    Why don't you just talk to me baby? why?

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    you never do anything really... just talk about wow or something..

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    I will talk about it, now answer skype before I come over there.
    This is bullshit.

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    All I want to do is talk to you and help, please chelsea.
    your going to regret this lol PLEASE
    You never do this!

    Your actually denying to talk to me right now, why are u ignoring me chelsea... you make me so sad.

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    why will i regret it?

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    because your going to go to work and your going to realize how much of an ass your being right now ignoing all my calls and telling me to fuck off...
    saying I dont care about you and all this non sense... Chelsea YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME, GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!!!

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    i didnt tell u to fuck off, actually.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    That's basically what your telling me to do but whatever I am not going to argue about something that looks pretty clear to me what you want.

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    noo, im not.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    soooo are u going to get on skype or what?

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    not atm. so u can continue to talk to your friends.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    I am talking to no one. I Think I am going to go cry now...

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    no ur not.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    I will I seriously feel like doing that right now, sounds really good to me.

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    stop being so dramatic. im in the worst mood already.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    I have been thinking of you while I was sleeping getting up out bed, eating breakfeast, after I left my house and when I got back walking through the door all the way to my computer and when I got on. I finally text you so we can talk and you ignore me and play halo, how do you think that makes me feel inside chelsea? like shit.

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    & i always feel like shit. you'll live tyler. i dont feel like i & thee only reason you would even ask me whats wrong is cause i complained about you not caring earlier. ^

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    I just really don't want to lose you chelsea and your like the only person I really care about in my life, more then my parents... It's pretty bad. I am just thinking you don't like me since your ignoring me and I just don't want to become another connor in your eyes. I really want you.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    and why are u not in a good mood, what happened?

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    This is why I don't ask because you never tell me Chelsea. You won't tell me what's wrong, I can't magically read your mind, you have to tell me what
    s wrong

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    whats the point

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    I care about you... I want to know what's wrong Chels.

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    idk just annoyed.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    About what? I just want to talk to you and your putting me down.
    I just don't get it.

    YesterdayChelsea Glenn
    not putting you down.

    YesterdayTyler Metzz
    you are
    Let me tell you how I feel... I feel like I want to talk to you so bad, I love you so much and I just am so happy for you and just want to talk about normal stuff about connor you and last night. I think you don't like me and don't feel like dealing with me and you hate me. That's how I feel right now, I just want to cry.

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    dont hate you. and what is there to even talk about last night/connor?

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Just talk about normal stuff I don't know... I either am going to talk to you before you leave or I am going to bawl my eyes out the whole time your at work until you get back.

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    no u wont

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I can, I feel like it and I will.

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Okay you keep telling yourself that, keep denying it. Just like how you deny to talk to me.

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    All I want to do is talk
    Can I call you on your phone?

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    no, im cooking. so mad right now.

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Is it your time of the month, I just want to know how to deal with this situation. I am just trying to be respectful.
    and #1 kitchen bitch

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    well asking me that question is def not respectful. lol cya.

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I am just trying to figure out what's wrong...

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    well that was the most retarded question ive ever heard.

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Faye just called me like 5 minutes ago and I asked him for help and he told me to ask you it, it wasn't really something I would of said but he said most girls will respect that so I did, didn't go down so well lol...
    but anyway... Just call me soon after you get done cooking.
    I just want to be yours and you keep pushing me away / ignoring me / keep saying bye and cya. It brakes my heart. I just want to love you. and for you to love me back the same way.
    I want us both to be happy.

    The main thing I am worried about is everytime your about to leave for work I need to talk to you, I NEED IT. It seems like you don't need it so we don't feel the same towards each other... I love you more then you love me. I want to talk to you but you don;t want to talk to me.

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    faye is a dumbass. most girls would actually slap u in the face for asking that.

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    lol yeah.... I wrote like 3 paragraphs, u gonna answer them?

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    i have to go to work at 530 so idk if ill have time to call when im done eating. i dont like talking to anyone when im in a shit mood so....

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Chelsea I am idfferent then anyone... I want to be someone special to you chelsea.
    Really... I do.
    I know what I want.

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    ok. stilll dont like talking to ppl when im upset tho lol

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Chelsea I fucking love you baby.
    Swear on my whole family

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I just really care about you so that's why I feel this way. I just want to let you know I am always here for you, whatever you ened.

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    idk if i can handle another long distance thing.

    23 hours agoTyler Metzz
    We can make it work. I seriously don't know what to do without you Chelsea.
    I can move there, everything will go perfect.
    Don't worry.

    23 hours agoChelsea Glenn

    22 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I just want to love you and I want everything to work out... And your treating me like I am just someone and not that special someone.
    Your scaring me, your really are. I need this to work out. I can't imagine living my life without you. I need you to care about me because I care about you.
    saying that you can't handle being in a long distance thing is like saying that your trying to get away from me or something...
    It really makes me want to bawl my eyes out.
    That's how I feel.
    I hope you realize what you have to do.

    21 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    What do I have to do

    20 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I am so fucking mad

    20 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I just like cried myself to sleep for a minute, that was a cute lol
    I think I am good now though.
    I have never felt so depressed, I feel like you don't need me and you don't care about me, I need to know that you care about me Chelsea.

    20 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I do.

    20 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I had tears going down my face and I really hope you do Chelsea because I do and it was just scary how you were acting earlier, really scary. It just felt like you didn't give a fuck about me...

    20 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Cause I'm a depressed mother fucker. I rarely act like I care about anyone sometimes aha

    20 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Just don't be Chelsea, I want us to be happy. I want you so bad. Please, for me.
    I need it right now.
    I just don't want to cry like that again...

    19 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I can't just not be depressed

    19 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I understand that but I have it to but you see, you take mine away.... That's the thing.
    But do you care that I cry for you?

    19 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Mhm. And you need to get better then. Depending on a person to fix your depression isn't healthy.

    19 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I know... But I just love you Chelsea.

    18 hours agoChelsea Glenn

    18 hours agoTyler Metzz
    ok? thats it?

    18 hours agoTyler Metzz
    View yPGtJ5.jpg on ScreenSnapr
    View yPGtJ5.jpg on ScreenSnapr

    18 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I think you were talking to connor instead of me and your telling him everything that you and me are doing, and everything I am saying...
    He is saying all this on skype.

    18 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I thought you blocked him? And no, Ryan told him all ur fb statuses.

    18 hours agoTyler Metzz
    well he said that you love him and you tell him everything I say.

    18 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Noope, I don't.
    I told him you don't act like you like me like that

    18 hours agoTyler Metzz

    18 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    So I didn't get raged at for knowing that you like me. Can u please not argue a bunch with him.....

    18 hours agoTyler Metzz
    so you tell him you like me but then u say i dont like you? I don't get it.... You can't lie to connor, if you lie to connor, you will lie to me.
    Lieing is not good.

    18 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    No I haven't told him I liked anyone.
    I am trying to be his friend. I don't need him pissed at me right now... Please don't say shit.....

    18 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I didn't even respond or talk to him.
    I remember exactly that you he asked you if you liked me and you said Yes, you told me on skype.
    I remember.
    I just think like when connor sends you a marrige or realtionship you say tyler will get mad and you just paly me or something... I need to know if you still like connor... This feels really weird for me now.
    You need to respond faster and we need to have a long talk when you get home, when do you get home from work?

    18 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I can't respond faster, I'm working. And no, I've never told him that.

    18 hours agoTyler Metzz
    This turned into something a whole lot greater. I can't let this happen, I need help.
    I don't know if your lying to me, what you said to connor, if you still love him or not. I feel like an idiot.

    But you never answer my questions...

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    What question

    17 hours agoTyler Metzz
    when do you get home and we need to talk when u get home
    and why are u not responding to anything I am saying?
    none of my comments

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    What. Question.

    17 hours agoTyler Metzz
    When do you get home and can we talk?
    I said it 3 times

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I get home at 12 or so

    17 hours agoTyler Metzz
    promise we will talk

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Ya maybe. I have to talk to Connor too apparently.

    17 hours agoTyler Metzz
    if u can tell him that i dont like u, you can say to me that u dont like connor. It bugs me...
    It's like a game between him and me.
    To get you... It sucks on my end though.
    I might start crying again soon... Fuck me.
    I have been in the worst mood crying over you all damn day. It's crazy.
    life is over

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    No it's not. Stop that.

    17 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Chelsea you do know if you don't love me, my life is over right?

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Talkin like that scares me, stop

    17 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I'm serious
    no bullshit
    why does it scare you, if you love me it wont matter and if you don't who cares... lol

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Cause that's crazy

    17 hours agoTyler Metzz
    It's not.
    I have really hard feelings for you and your mood is like bad towards me. It feels like you want nothing of me.

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    It is. That's not healthy Tyler. I knowwww first hand.

    17 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I can't do anything about it... sorry.
    I like how you say everything will be alright and that you love me... You don't say anything like that to me.

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn

    17 hours agoTyler Metzz
    You don't say anything to me affectionate.
    I just can't wait to talk to you sweetheart
    I have so much to talk about.
    just throwing in here
    since you never say anything nice to wards me, I assume you still like connor...

    17 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I'm a reserved / shy person. I don't like opening up or letting ppl know how or what I'm feeling.

    16 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Well you need to give me a hint because I am going through a crsis right now. lol
    It's pretty bad.
    Like you really need to let me know right now because its not or never.

    16 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    You're dumb.

    16 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I am Chelsea, If you seen me how much I was crying you would just start crying to probably
    It's pretty bad

    16 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Probably. I cry over everything.

    16 hours agoTyler Metzz

    I just want to know if you still love connor or if you love me... I just need the truth. no lies.
    Tell me
    tell me?
    very simple question
    u get home in 1 hour

    apperantly me and jeremey like your feet now loOLolol
    or just talk to him instead....
    r u gonna answer me or what

    16 hours agoTyler Metzz

    16 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I have been taking back to back calls ffs. I didn't have time to read all that till now. And honestly both you and Connor are annoying me atm
    And you like my feet? Wtf lol

    16 hours agoTyler Metzz
    how much longer are u at work for?

    15 hours agoTyler Metzz

    15 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Just got home

    15 hours agoTyler Metzz
    get on skype den!

    15 hours agoChelsea Glenn

    15 hours agoTyler Metzz
    after what?

    15 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Laying on the couch

    15 hours agoTyler Metzz
    get on skype then! lets talk!

    15 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Not atm

    15 hours agoTyler Metzz
    wow lol
    im done haha

    15 hours agoTyler Metzz
    just get on when you feel better. I'm not gonna harass you.

    15 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Done what

    15 hours agoTyler Metzz
    harassing you to get on skype

    15 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Oh. Ok. Sorry. I have so much shit on my mind right now, Tyler....

    15 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Well you need to work it out then... I can help if you need me.

    15 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I don't think you can really help

    15 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I can try to make you feel about it or change your point of view. but I can't fix it all.
    I see, your talking to connor instead of me right? lol
    I see
    wtf chelsea
    on the phone with connor so fucking ,ad

    14 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    He called so I answered. Stop freaking out. You have no idea what's going on with me atm

    14 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Are you gonna talk to me on skype?

    14 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Later maybe.

    14 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I see how you feel... lol its cool
    If you want anything to do with me you can just say it.

    14 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    You have NO idea how I feel actually, Tyler.

    14 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I wonder what that means...
    I just want to talk Chelsea, All day I wanted to talk.
    I am not asking for much

    14 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    And all I want to do right now is to go to sleep and not wake up again . So .. Sooooorrry for not talking.

    14 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Yeah but you know how that will make me feel? Don't you worry about the way I feel? I would be devastated.
    It's not fair that connor gets to talk to you on the phone and I become the third wheel.
    Wtf is that shirt.

    14 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Ya. But I wouldn't be here anymore to worry so.. & that made no sense

    14 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Whatever, you come hit me up when your feeling better, I hope you do feel better but you changed today Chelsea. You were not yourself, it's like your a different person. Goodnight.

    14 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Glad you care. This is exactly what I'm talking about lol cool.

    14 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Of course I care, I was crying all day. lol You need to think more... I am messaging you all damn day wondering what is going on with you and you won't answer 70% of the time.

    14 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    I literally just basically said I wanted to kill myself and you're like. Lol k cya. ...... It's whatever. Go play wow.

    14 hours agoTyler Metzz
    When I saw I want to killmyself your like stop that or lol k
    I just want to talk on skype babe pleaseeee

    14 hours agoChelsea Glenn

    14 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Tonight you broke my heart Chelsea.

    14 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Cause I didn't talk to you? Wow dramatic. I don't want to be here anymore. Sorry if I don't want to fucking talk to anyone. I have a lot on my damn mind ffs.
    You're so worried about yourself that you care more about me not talking to you than me wanting to die lol. Thank you.
    Ignoring me completely is cool too. Have a lovely night.

    8 hours agoTyler Metzz
    You weren't in a good mood I know, things get better, trust me. I would like to know what's going on but I don't think you will tell me. I really hope you feel better so I can just have normal Chelsea back. I don't know what happened but it seems like something serious. Hopefully you get better soon.

    8 hours agoTyler Metzz
    and I went to bed because it seemed like you were busy talking to connor.

    8 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I just want you to feel well Chelsea, I changed as a person as of right now. Whenever you feel this way, it really puts a toll on me. It just seems that Connor needs you the most and you need him. I was going to buy an airline ticket today or talk to you about it and I just couldn't bring up the topic because you were so upset. I don't get why you said your'e sorry that you don't want to talk to anyone but you answer Connor's calls and not mine. Chelsea, I really don't want you to die, stop that nonsense... Just live life in the present and don't worry about the present because it will become the past. I hope you feel better Chels.

    8 hours agoTyler Metzz
    - Love tyler
    And I think you think I play wow all day and talk to people on skype but really I was working all day lifting shit and worried about you all day. I can't really express myself as much as I want through text but I try. I wanted to talk ALL DAY Chelsea. So Obviously I care about you. Come talk to me Chelsea. I can make you feel better.

    8 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I can write to you all morning if I want... because I have so much to say and this feeling between you and me is intense, at least for me.
    Chelsea, you have to understand that I have never cried over a girl before and never really cared SO much about a girl until I met you.
    I am trying to forget about all this dumb drama and just try to forget but I can't.
    As soon as I wake up, Chelsea pops up in my head over and over again.
    I just wish I lived near you so I can just hold you in my arms and make you feel better as much as I can, I want t offer so much support so I can help you, talk to you all the time. I would try to be the best I can.
    And I just wanted to talk to you because I can express my feelings better.
    Please don't hate me Chelsea, I want you old self back, you changed out of no where this day. WHAT HAPPENED? TELL ME.
    I CARE.
    Baby please...
    and I went to sleep. It wasn't hard to go to sleep on you Chelsea, I am tired of crying... We need to talk. Yesterday took everything out of me and I just needed to go to sleep.
    was hard*
    Anyways, I hope you read this when you wake up, I will stop bugging you. We don't have to talk in the morning if you don't want to or forever. That's up to you to decide. You don't have to reply either, I just want you to read all of this.
    Thanks. I hope you and Connor can sort things out. Hope you get better. Bye Chelsea.

    6 hours agoTyler Metzz
    I just want everything to be right between us, don't you want that?
    I just feel like my heart has been ripped out.

    6 hours agoTyler Metzz
    and stop all this non sense about killing yourself.
    imagine if I did it, how would you feel? That's how I would feel if you did it. Just please understand me. DONT DO IT

    4 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Hey Chelsea What's going on?

    3 hours agoChelsea Glenn
    Nothing. Kinda mad at you. Bout it. Going back to bed. Bye.

    2 hours agoTyler Metzz
    Okay. We need to talk when you wake up though...
    or I am going to commit suicide. lol I cant sleep, cant eat, cant think. All I can think about is you.

    about an hour agoTyler Metzz
    are u awake yet?

    about an hour agoChelsea Glenn
    Uh huh

    about an hour agoTyler Metzz
    can we skype now baby?
    or i can call you on the phone
    whatever is easier for you :0


    57 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    I've been throwing up all day, we'll see

    56 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    just answer the phone
    littl talk

    53 minutes agoChelsea Glenn

    52 minutes agoTyler Metzz

    u make me sad chelsea, why are u so mad at me
    look im sorry for not being able to stay up that night so I could talk to you if thats what this is all about
    I am sorry.
    You were this loving and caring person towards me always smiling and laughing. Now you are just being mean to me all the time and you want nothing to do with me.

    44 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    It's been a fucking day. Quit being a drama queen
    You give zero fucks about me really lol

    43 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    Still a day is a day. It's going to be the same everyday unless we talk. Why can't we just talk about this on the phone? Please...
    I care about you.
    I give all fucks about you.
    Chelsea, If I didn't care about you. I would of stopped talking to you forever ago.

    39 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    No you only care that I was ignoring you lol

    39 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    Chelsea we need to talk, I am tired of my heart exploding. If you cared about me, you would call me. I care about you so why won't you?
    The reason it only feels like a day for you is because I didn't get any sleep because I can't sleep!

    35 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    Cause you don't lol. You care about yourself.

    35 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    Chelsea I fucking care about you, how many times do I have to say it. I can't believe you are saying this to me right now.

    33 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    cause you don't. literally you're just butt hurt cause i wouldn't talk for one fucking day. QQ. me not talking > me wanting to kill myself lol.

    31 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    If I didn't care about you I wouldn't care about this and would just leave?
    I told you I want to make sure your okay and yu won't talk to me.
    I don'y want you to killyourself.
    You scare me to death

    31 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    you're missing the point.

    31 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    Please, pick up the phone.
    chelsea please
    Im gonna have a damn breakdown again
    Don't do this.
    I love you, I care about you.
    I want you to be mine.

    28 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    no. you. don't.

    27 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    yes. I. Do.
    Why do you think that?

    27 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    i was literally gonna do it last night, connor had to talk to me and calm me down some. all you did was bitch about how i wouldnt talk lol.

    25 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    Talking is part of human communcation. Obviously you said Connor "talk' to you but you won't "talk" to me.
    So if I am the reason why your so depressed and want to kill yourself. Please... just tell me next time.

    22 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    he talked through txt just fine.. my depression has NOTHING to do with you. idk where the fuck youre pulling this shit out from.

    22 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    You were on the phone with him.
    It just seems kind of crazy I am about to fly over there and buy a ticket. Then all this happens like wtf...

    21 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    for 15 mins. this wasnt when i was saying that stuff. again, lets make this about you and how i ignored you, right? ok. bye.
    ^ lol

    20 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    If only you could see how your acting to me right now.
    As long as I can fly over there and just make sure you are alright and won't kill yourself on anyone that you know. That alone will just make me happy Chelsea. Killing yourself will affect your family and everyone you talk to, including me.

    17 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    i know how im acting. you're making this whole thing about you and how im ignoring you and shit. fuck off. talk to me when its not all about you. im not trying to kill myself because of people, youre fucking retarded if you think that. christ.

    12 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    Connor did one hell of a job getting you mad at me. holy shit. anyways, I'll fuck off now I guess.

    10 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    connnor didn't say shit about you to make me mad
    are you fucking serious? that's what you got from all that?

    8 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    I don't understand what you want from me? How can I show you that I care about you, I know in my mind I do but how can I let you know that?
    Your just going to call me a liar and tell me to fuck off again, no thanks.

    7 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    i needed you last night. i was gonna do it... all you cared about was me ignoring you. lol.. & it's still the same today.
    blaming connor for me being mad at you. no. I KEEP TELLING YOU WHY IM MAD AND SURPRISE SURPRISE, YOU'RE NOT LISTENING. Connor did nothing but try and help me last night. he didnt talk shit.

    6 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    I could care less if you ignore me or not, I am over that. I just want you to be ok I told you that. If I could just fly over there and make sure your okay and fly back home. I would be happy .
    so apparently I am talking shit? wtf are you serious?
    So saying I love you is talking shit?

    4 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    please learn to read, for fuck sakes

    4 minutes agoTyler Metzz
    Tell me over the phone.

    3 minutes agoChelsea Glenn
    and go read everything youve been saying lol. its all about you and me ignoring you or being "rude" or connor "making me mad at you" lolol .

    After ignoring her for two days I get this.

    i don't really know why you're ignoring me, and if you don't wanna talk to me again I guess that's your choice. But I actually am sorry for the last couple days... I was just feeling really depressed and didn't really want to talk to anyone and it just felt like you didn't really care about that part, only the me not wanting to talk part.. Yesterday I was just pissed cause I really needed you the night before, and you weren't there..
    Regardless, I'm sorry. You mean so fucking much to me, and I know I rarely show it but you do. It's just, I'm getting really nervous / dsflkjsdlkfjsd cause I feel like you're moving so fast.. saying you love me, going on about how if you didn't have me your life would be over, always wanting to talk every second of the day.. you're putting a lot of pressure on me with all that. I don't want to hurt you, but I don't want to move that fast.. I just got out of a year long distance relationship and I need some time to learn to trust people again before I going jumping into the whole "oh, im flying out there to see you soon!" thing.. I don't want to put all that time, effort, trust, and money into something until I feel 100% that it'll work/it's worth it. I just don't want to get hurt again..... My feelings for you are still the same, I just don't want you to put so much pressure on me.
    Anyway, I'm really sorry.. I get if you hate me or whatever. I'll leave you alone now, bai. <3

    What should I do now? lol
  2. #2 Ramones1234, Mar 29, 2012
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    Shes right dude, she the king the sooner you get the better, but goin on like a butthurt little biatch (her words) dont help. Dont chase this one she will run. Just cease all contact for now you may have already gone too far to save this one champ. Sometimes we have to put emotion aside and look at things from a dif angle.

    Fact is I read about to IM GONNA RAGE and I was done.

    YOUR WRONG right there. Pissin and moanin and threats get ZERO.

    My wife is in Hong Kong for a year, now thats long distance!!!

  3. lol thanks...
  4. If you ask me the , the distance isn't LONG ENOUGH....If it was 1,000's of times longer then your post ...it would be too close

  5. Thanks for reading.

  6. Its all good, dude, and I was not trying to be mean or anything. Sometimes you just have to shut up and go away. Its a hard lesson for a guy to learn.

    Good luck, man.
  7. Heads up..both your full names are on there...

  8. So? what is the problem
  9. #9 Weasel King, Mar 29, 2012
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    [quote name='"Xch4ng3"']

    So? what is the problem[/quote]

    Google your name and see what comes up :rolleyes:

    Whaddya know, second result is this thread.
  10. Leave her alone dude. No girl wants to be told how much you love them and be bugged all day long. Chill.
    You're acting like the crazy one man. She clearly has some problems and you begging her to talk to you clearly isn't working. If she wants to talk to you, she will call you. You need to go to work/school and just do you right now.
  11. I got half way through and couldn't take anymore. I am truly sorry OP, but give up
  12. I couldn't finish reading ur post OP, everytime I scroll down halfway down it exits me out of grasscity....weird
  13. damn bro give her some space...

    me and my girl have been in a long distance relationship for about a year, and i recently moved within 2 hours of her. close as i can get for now. but we skype and oovoo all the time, at least once a day usually more. but i dont nag her about it.
  14. Wow dude just read what you said to her. youd relize your being a dick. So what if she doesnt want to skype? Give her space man you sound crazy IMO
  15. Fuckin Connor!:mad:

    i tried to read your whole post but i couldn't. Both of you are obviously pmsing tho.
  16. OP came across as the girl lol

    you're being way too needy man waaaaaay too needy
  17. yeah man wayyy too clingy.

    "please skype me baby"
    please please talk to me whats wrong
    please baby i can help
    youre making me so sad baby skype me
    i cried myself to sleep last night cause you didnt talk to me
    why are you mad at me im sorry

    like the whole conversation dude that shit gets annoying quick
  18. You're gf kinda came off as a bit of a bitch too. Not trying to piss you off or anything but fuck that.

    You need to act more like a man and less of a woman and she needs to be single.
  19. Yea dude just read your whole thing, all you did OP was just push her away, like everyone said here at times like this you give her her space when needed. Cause in the end, if u would of done the opposite of what you did, she'd be calling you.... Girls are weird like that dude, and you came off as clingy and over sensitive, girls don't like there men crying all day like they are females, just to over emotional.
  20. OP. ignore her for awhile. give her a feeling of what it's like to not have that person she supposedly cares about text her, ask how her day went, tell her you love her. see how long she can last without that since she should be so used to it if its been a long relationship. seriously, it'll work. if it doesnt, drop her. cause she obviously dont care.

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