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Long Distance driving with weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Liqweed, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. okay, so heres the scenario, I am moving in a few days, and I still have about 3gs of weed left. And its some headband, so its pretty smelly. Just wondering what type of precautions I should take. Should I try hiding the weed and my pipe (spoon) hidden somewhere in the cars interior (ie, under the carpet, taped under the seat) or should I try and hide it somewhere in my belongings?

    Just a little curious because I never drive with stuff on me and I cannot risk getting caught.
  2. i usually hide pipes and my jar in a pair of pants and put the pants into a duffle bag.
  3. Hide it in your sock, and smoke at rest stops not in the car.

  4. How could he hide his spoon in his sock? I guess if it's a weeeee lil tadpole pipe it'd fit
  5. oh I was sayin hide the bud in the sock, you could hide the spoon inside a package of country crock mashed potatoes in the trunk

  6. Oh :) What if a cop pats him down and smells it / checks the sock?

    sorry im very bored and high as fuck in my AM class
  7. Things you should carry:

    Traveling Size Febreeze
  8. I've been patted down several times by officers they always seem to skip the sock. one time I was in the back of the cop car with a half oz in my sock and had to tell him it was in there because if I didn't it would've been another charge tryin to sneak drugs into the jail
  9. I wasnt planning on smoking while driving actually.....I am gonna take a mini t break until I get all moved in.

    well...pending that my roommate doesnt have a problem with me taking a jamaican shower:D

    I fucking hope I can smoke though...maybe its time to invest in a way he could smell that if it were in the bathroom.
  10. Crotch it. My friend just got taken in, searched, and question for something unrelated to weed. The entire time he had an O in his crotch. Funniest thing, the cop grabbed the bag but quickly let go. Must have though it was his dick. If your that paranoid its a good place, in a bag of course.

  11. This, FTW
  12. bag that shit like 100 times and hide it somewhere on your person. pockets, socks, up the butt etc. or have it in something in the moving van hidden if you/someone you know is the one driving the van. a cop might not care much to search a moving van with all that shit in it lol
  13. What I did on my last road trip, was put it in a metal thermos.

  14. Really? Interesting! 3g of anything dank would smell too bad though I'd think.
  15. Place everything in a mason jar, clean the outside of the mason jar with 91% rubbing alcohol, place mason jar beneath a bunch of other stuff in a bag or something, or in a big box of cereal.

    Drive safe
  16. Do you plan on being searched while driving?

    Just put it in your trunk and dont get pulled over, if you do do not give them a reason to search your car.
  17. This. Just so long as you are safe while driving (following all traffic rules etc.) you can hide it anywhere. Just don't smoke while driving and don't flash it out the window, either. I've been pulled over more than once when there was weed in the car, and the cop had no idea it was there. Just use common sense. :smoke:
  18. I think the OP would rather be safe then sorry though, you never know what could happen.
  19. Last time my friends drove down to visit, (1000 mile drive) they got pulled over for speeding a bit, and they got searched on the side of the road. They didn't have anything, but the CHP went through their baggage/clothes.
  20. put it in a bag and then put 2 dryer sheets over the bag and bag it again then stick it in a pants pocket, or jar it and shove it in your clothes in your bag, youll be fine i had to drive to PA with my friend for a concert and we had 4gs of Sour D and yeah haha it was so dank, i bagged it put 4 dryer sheets in the other bag and put it in there then bagged it a 3rd time and shoved it in a spare sweatshirt in my car thats under my seat and sprayed the back with febreeze it rid most of the smell

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