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Long Beach Dispenseries, any personal favorites/reviews

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Smokentoke420, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Im living down in Long Beach now, and I have an appointment to get my card tommorow. Can anyone provide me information on different "clubs", personal reviews and the rest.

    Ive looked online but I cant seem to find a good website with legit reviews for the different dispenseries near here. Id like to know how their customer service is, how there selection is, their prices, and if theyve got some decent edibles and other THC goodies.

    Ive got 2nd degree burns, insomnia, and a fucked up knee. If youve got an address and name of the dispensery that'd be legit.

    Thanks in advance.

    I tried searching the forums and didnt find anything specific to the long beach area
  2. Try

    I don't get to Long Beach often so i can't give you a personal review, sorry!
  3. Im a certified legal medical marijuana patient in the state of california :D

    I went to herbal discount center. high prices good choice of stuff
  4. check out long beach organics, on weedtracker. 55 cap
  5. Quality Discount Center off of Orange and San Antonio, really nice people and nice clinic.
    Also another one off of Anaheim by the airport somewhere, can't really remember.

    If you wanna drive a few extra miles, a really good clinic with good prices and a vaporizor go to Garfield and Imperial, on your left if your going north on garfield. It's called LACRC.
  6. thanks everyone, anypne else
  7. He's talking about Sunshine Holistic Care, I think. Nice club, go there if you get a chance. Nice quality buds. (kinda expensive though, but worth it, imo, 30% discount for 1st timers) SHC Page

    Quality Discount Center is good too, def check them out. 25% discount 1st time, free g. . good selection!

    Alternative Medicine Collective Group (AMCG) has nice hours (9 to 9), it's off the 91. usually specials (4 gram 8ths, free gram) on certain days, i forgot though. this is the closest club to me, so i go there.

    Canna Collective LB (CCLB) is actually down the street from
    Quality Discount Center. free gram for 1st timers ( but i hear now they are giving away free gram of shake for 1st timers now,)They're ok. Sometimes run short on hashish and edibles, good bud though, and friendly. I went today and they have a $200 ounce special going on (its going quick though). canna collective site.

    I would say go to the 1st two first. and the next when you want.
    I hoped I helped. :wave:
  8. Awesome, thanks everyone for the help :D

  9. This was a real nice little club. I got some headbandXbubba kush kief, some blonde master kush kief, some fine melt hash (forgot the strain), and 4 different joints. Very nice, friendly staff.
  10. They're great huh?


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