LONG ASS T-Break . . . (12 weeks)

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    Well today I went to court and I didn't get Drug Tested. The guy was actually really nice about it and I got in total 40 hours of community service a 12 week program, but spread out over that time is only like 10 classes. For about an hour each. So it's not THAT bad.
    The guy said "How long ago did you smoke"? I said 2 weeks ago, and he said to be honest and I told him about a week ago or so. He told me alright, I'll give you 30 days to get it out of your system. So now I'm prob. going to smoke for a last week and quit until my first drug test. He said there is only 2-4 drug tests in the 12 week program. He also said he RARELY ever does 4 DT's and is prob only gonna do 2-3. So the first one is gonna be down Feb 12th. After that, how long do you guys think he'll wait to test me again?
    Edit: I also think that he is saving a DT until the end to test me to make sure I'm clean at the end. So That one is down also. I just have 1 RANDOM Drug Test in the middle of March. (I'm assuming this).
    During the few weeks in between drug tests I have to take a few 2 week T-Breaks.
  2. maybe you should just STOP SMOKING.
    maybe learn your lesson or something
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    stop for 12 weeks

    The are basically saying if you smoke you WILL get caught, so don't do it

    rather than a few small t-breaks, take one 3 month one
  4. violating ur parole just to get a little high?

    hmmm get high and possibly go to jail as a concequence or just stop smoking for 12 weeks? its a tough one..

    well to each is own i guesse
  5. I'd just stop for the 12 weeks as others have mentioned. Then you're done with it and can blaze with impunity.
  6. Yea, thats what i'm going to end up doing. I relized that there is a gap between a 2 month period that idk when i'm getting drug tested. So if you were to smoke chances are, with my luck he'll call me up a day after I smoke. So I guess I'm going to have to quit for the 12 weeks..:( This is gonna take some major will power.
  7. good luck, i couldnt even last after the 1st month of probation
  8. ^^ Thanks man. lmfao. Well I know it's gonna be hard. After each drug test i can smoke for about a week tops. Then gotta quit and get ready for the NEXT random drug test. Whenever that might be...
  9. You have years and years of smoking ahead of your life, why go to jail for failing a drug test and end up taking a longer T-Break then you originally planned on taking for probation?

    Just man up and take that 3 month T-break. Imagine how rewarding thats gonna be at the end?
  10. I feel ya ^. I mean I haven't tooken a T-Break in about 5 months straight of smoking every day. At least 3-5 times a day. So I think it'll be worth it when I come back and get BLAZED off one bowl and my bro is still smoking like 3 bowls to get high. ( Out of our bubbler )
  11. Also, I plan on starting the T-Break this Monday. That gives me 26 days until the Drug Test. Will that be enough with plenty of water excercie and what not?
  12. @white smoke

    which is exactly why you shouldnt risk smoking right after your first drug test, or your next one. You wont get blazed off one bowl, your gonna get absolutley lifted to the sky from one hit. I suggest brownies on your first go. (not really, thats not too smart)

    EDIT: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!?! START YOUR T-BREAK ASAP!!!!!!! No un-necessary risks of getting fucked all for getting a little high...
  13. Alright. Well Im gonna take your advise. This is gonna be really hard. 12 weeks without smoking at all. But once I get done I can smoke without having to worry anymore.
  14. dont worry after a few weeks ul realize the program is bullshit and not worth stoppin for if u can pass drug tests from donors... diversion programs are kiddy bullshit and made just so their fucked up goverments can make money
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    you have many many years of smoking ahead of you, theres no need to blow some of it on a 3 month T-break.

    EDIT: Imagine how many times you've said to your loved ones "i can quit whenever I want to." and they said "then why dont you" then you said "well I dont have a reason to"... WELL NOW YOU DO

    EDIT2: 3 months really isnt that long, It'll blow away in a couple days..
  16. Hit up the DMT, can't catch you on that.
  17. yo fuck da p0lice and sm0ke. if you go to jail it means your hard, and being hard body with it is sooooo coooolll bro. of course, be prepared for some hands on experience in the fudge packing industry.
  18. ^^ Thanks for the useless thread :hello:
  19. I understand where your coming from, and you do make a lot of sense. I am just going to take the T-Break.
  20. What does that mean? lol
    what is the DMT?

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