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  1. Is it weird that I prefer to smoke alone. I really like to vibe out hard and think alot but I'm very social at the same time. I just don't like to smoke with people that won't talk and just chill. Some people I chill with just don't really feel the vibe when the smoke, it really sucks. I just like to get baked sit there and talk about anything haha
  2. thats crazy mane but yea ima loner stoner to just smoke mostly by yourself and smoke when ur with people u want to smoke with
  3. Loner stoners unite!

    Wait a minute...

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  4. Same story bro ! They just smoke and act like fukin alcoholics. So I smoke alone sometimes, just for spiritual reasons.
  5. i smoke alone too, i used to smoke all the time with this 1 friend but i always felt uncomfortable so i stopped, he would make rude comments and just put me down so i ditched him and havent really found anyone else to hang out with since then, i dont really care though being alone and getting high makes me reflect on things and gives me time to think without any interruptions.
  6. i kinda quit smoking with people, except every so often but yea man, smoking alone in my opinion is alot more fun and spiritual than smoking with other people, especially when they act drunk rather than high,when i was a teeneger i used to have my stoner buddies i started smoking weed at 13 and i felt like i was becoming a low life like they were skipping school, doing dumb shit, i was 15 when i quit smoking then. i didint touch the herb for about 2 years, but one day when i was 17 i was bored at home and i was looking through my stuff and i found an old stash, surprisingly it hadnt gone bad just yet, so i smoked it and it felt like i was re introduced to cannabis, and ive been smoking it ever since. i smoke with my brother once or tice a week but other than that im a lone stoner
  7. Im a Loner Stoner Boner. Figure it out.
  8. Loner when I was in highschool Id hate people like yeah dude this kid smokes SOO much because I just felt awkward like they made it such a big deal about it
  9. definitely agree, my summer job starts in about a week, and for the past few weeks i've smoked every morning by myself while my parents are at work and my sisters are at school. i find it a lot more enjoyable than hanging with other people sometimes.
    i mean just two days ago i got stoned with this girl i'm friends with and a few of her friends, and all we did was listen to music, i wanted to talk about shit so badly...
  10. I like to smoke alone sometimes, but sometimes I like to smoke with some friends. Really how I feel at the time.

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