Lonely Crow

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  1. Lonely Crow
    I wake inside the shelter,
    A corroded house.
    Seems like soon I will forget
    to check if things have changed.
    The dust is getting thicker.
    There's no point to tidy up,
    nobody will notice.
    Alone on this earth.
    I peer out the window,
    as always the smog is thick.
    20 metres ahead theres nothing.
    An apocolyptic abyss.
    The bodys are rotting more,
    everyday that passes.
    My own flesh is disappearing.
    Scavenging like a crow.
    I now can't breathe outside
    Without covering my mouth
    With a filter, some cloth
    Ripped from a corpse.
    Nothing to see
    Left to die
    Why couldn't I be taken
    Along with the rest.
    My fight for survival
    is now a regret.
    My wife sleeps downstairs
    Beside my children.
    They don't breathe,
    the toxic fumes all for me.
    Sometimes I think I hear voices.
    Are people outside?
    Telling me it's over?
    Becoming delusional.
    Nobody is ever there.
    My countless let-downs,
    Leave me stranded,
    To talk to myself.
    I hope I go to the place
    Where the others have gone.
    Although hope may not be enough,
    Worthless emotions.
    A waste
    The knife 
    My heart


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