Lollipop too much

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sosogrow, Apr 26, 2023.

  1. Did I take off a little too much? IMG_20230426_102821932.jpg IMG_20230426_101531087.jpg
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  2. Did you? Its your plant bud, see the end results and make adjustments for next grow. Personally when I lollipop I consider light penetration, leaving whatever sites remain in direct light. Those that don't get full direct light come off. Depending on lights used penetration and lollipoping may vary
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  3. it was sort of a joke post i only did it to 1 plant because i have 6 and that one was growing weird i think the before photo is a different plant i just want to see how the buds differ from my other ones that i left intact do you think they will be bigger tops? with less plant material
  4. Wait-N-see, U R asking to predict the future? More lst/training may have been a better option? Kinda too immature for that harsh a trim? It's all good, if U f it up it's a learning opportunity.
  5. not really worried i was going to give the plant away but decided to play dr. frankenstein lol she fits in the room now 1a3.jpg
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  6. Should bring out bigger more conformed buds since less energy will be spent elsewhere. Should....
  7. Experimentation is how us "men of science" roll. lol ;)
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  8. [​IMG]
    in this game you win in inches...gain 1 inch and move the far end HPS to face the other way
    that way you don't get any shadow falling directly under the lamp
    the end on the bulb is the brightest IMO check with your lux light meter

    if no light meter and a 600w hps I'd hang a 14 inch string of the bulb
    as the best possible light position/ height for your grow


    I miss my HPS kit like mad but sticking with my Migrow 8 for now
  9. I'd say you could easily rock that plant into 4 colas as thick as beer cans and 10-12 inches long given enough light and good growing conditions.
  10. I guess I'm not the only one who has " HIGH QUALITY H20" on their water jugs?
  11. Yea I think you did lol but yea experiment and see how fat those tops get. I'm sure they will get beer can size depending on the genetics
  12. will do i was thinking about that just recently i will flip it tonight
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  13. No and yes bigger buds on the plant that is . What i call plant on stilts lol. Why some people veg so long just to trim all of that off ? Just grow a smaller plant and flower it much better off . So to answer your question. Will the plant on stilts get bigger buds . I have to say no. Unless you have a serious root problem.
    You should super crop them all though after two weeks of 12/12 will for sure get bigger buds . Pinch the stems under the bud sites to you hear a pop or it sinks in two fingers .Serious yield difference . I know why you trimmed so much off lol. I though it was funny .
  14. Actually it was in front of the fan and was all crispy and the veg was only 30 days I got an LED light I am putting directly over her tonight to ramp it up
  15. I took all the cutting and made 35 clones too
  16. Did I do it right lmao just kidding

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