Lollipop on 3rd day into flowering

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  1. Hey guys,
    So just a quick question. I just did a pretty aggressive lollipop and I am on the 3rd day since I’ve changed the light cycle to 12/12. This is my first grow and I guess I got overwhelmed and didn’t focus enough on the bottom part of the plant. I’ve done some lollipopping up until this point but nothing crazy. There was a lot of undergrowth beneath my trellis net that just had to go. Will this effect yields at all this early on in the game?

  2. Well I think it's usually preferred to get that kinda stuff done during veg...and let it "heal" or "recover" a bit before flower......but what's done is done.

    I don't think you need to worry about anything though.....what strain is it and what is "recommended flowering time"
  3. I don't do one huge defoliation but I pick at it over the week or two of transition.
    I only keep the top 12"-14 " because the light doesn't penetrate any further than that anyway. As far as will it hurt yields the answer is no . You just changed your light schedule and here in the next couple days your plants are going to take off my current plants grew 1.5" a day during their stretch, so you may even find you need some more. I really tried to focus on my canopy this grow and I still never lollipop quite high enough, still nervous I'll go too far. 20190902_233945.jpg
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  4. Great looking nugs man. Frosty as hell! You run Canna too right? And Kronic352 I have gmo, two different Stardawg cuts, and some papaya. The gmos are stretching like crazy. I’m thinking I’ll have to do some supercropping on most of everything. I’m in a 10x10 tent with 4 1000 DE. I’m not even considering running them at full power. Or should I? I have a mini split in there I’m just scared I’ll burn them. I’m at 75 percent output and 2.5 feet away and they seem ok.

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