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    that is the funniest things ive ever seen!

  2. mmm mmm mmmmm


    Peace [​IMG]
  3. A man has 3 girlfriends and can't decide which one to marry, so he gives each of them $500 to see how they spend it. The first girl spends it on a complete makeover: new hairstile, facial, manicure, new dress, the whole nine yards. "It's to please you." She explains. "Because I love you so much." The second girl buys the man a new set of golf clubs. "It's to please you." She explains. "Because I love you so much." The third girl investes the money in the stock market, doubels it, reinvestes it again doubeles it and hands the man $2000 in $50 bills. "It's to please you." She explains. "Because I love you so much." The man thinks hard about how the girls managed the cash. And then he marries the one with the biggest tits.

  4. they have ox penis at chinese restraunts. well the one i went to, forget was the name of the restraunt was.
  5. ewwww! deadhead thats gross!

  6. i wonder if they just harvest the penis', or they kill and eat the whole dog?
  7. hey wait a minute, I'M a deadhead
  8. On fear factor a while back they had to eat 2 boiled Buffalo testicles in 2 minutes. It was so disgusting, they had to bite into them to peel off the skin and they squirted nut juice every where and they were all veiny. I almost puked just watching it.
  9. if a girl that canabalism?
  10. No, it's called genorosity or devotion
  11. I seen that Fear Factor! That was soooo nasty!
    I think it would be all in the mind though...just think of it as a Johnsonville bratwurst that hasn't been cooked yet!:eek:
  12. that is weird, penis soup what is tha maater with some people, like all of us

  13. It's called true love!!!!!!!!

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