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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Elem3nt17, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Today my friend calls me and tells me hes commin over to pop his new pipes cherry, so im all pumped and when hes getting out of his car to come in he drops it and breaks it. He almost cried, it hurt that bad. hahah so he like was gonna trash it but i couldnt stand to see a new pipe die so i sanded and buffed it out now its half the size but it hits like a dream. hahah he went to the store and bought the exact same one too so now he has a full sizer and i have a mini duplicate hahaha what a day.

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  2. :)

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  3. More

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  4. And more

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  5. i wrote a song about having no bud

    i have no marijuana
    i have no marijuana
    i hate having no marijuana
    i have no marijuana

  6. I can get bud ANYTIME day or night. My song is often more like,
    I hate not having money to buy weed,
    Yes i Hate it Very much.
    I hate not having money to buy weed,
    I need a freaking JOB
  7. Well it is a super thick pipe so it wasnt all that hard to sand without it breaking as you can see the stem was the only thing remotley damaged.
  8. lol... what a coincidence.. i wrote a song called "i like marijuana" like a month ago and recorded it.. it's pretty chillin', maybe when i have time i'll upload it so all the stoners can hear it... it's a damn shame that there are drinking songs but no smoking songs.. different buzz i suppose
  9. A little smoking jingle:
    Words sung to the tune of row row row your boat.

    Roll roll roll a joint
    twist it at the end
    take a puff its not enough
    but pass it to a friend

  10. why dont we get drunk-jimmy buffet. that is a good song.
  11. Got some more bud today!

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  12. More!

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  13. And a better camera...?
  14. yeah the first 3 pics of bud were as crystally as the last 2 but i used a webcam for the first 3 and a canon elura 50 digital camcorder for the last 2.
  15. i got a nikon coolpix and it really sux for taking pics of bud...
  16. Whats left of an eigth i bought today. :)

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  17. A closer View...

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  18. Where are you from and do you know what strand you got?
  19. I live in mid Alberta, Canada. and no i dont know the strain i just know its that bomb.
  20. picked up a 20 sack today.

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