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  1. Yeah it says nothing about them eating people I'm not worried.
  2. This is not new, happened back in Sudan in the 1960s as the article states. Also, the articles main captain picture is from resident evil... seems legit.
  3. Go to now there is a risk of deadly water going around, and so it begins.
  4. they're not even eating people jsut burning shit down im not worried
  5. dude I don't see shit on CNN about dirty water or mindless zombies man.. :confused_2:
  6. Lol at people still not seeing this story as completely false. It's older than the internet.
  7. The resident evil pics are a dead giveaway lol. Thatd be like an article on 9-11 using Mercenaries screen shots
  8. government vaccines...just like aids
  9. Finally!!! Zombies hell yes!!!
  10. i'm buying a sword and practicing sword swinging techniques and maneuvers.
  11. Pretty sure my spin attack will get em.

    Good call on the sword Rebel.
  12. dude.. Zombies would suck. It would be awesome as long as none of your family members or friends get infected..Wouldn't be too nice to blow your mom/dad/brother/sister's head off.
  13. sheva! chris! awwwwwww yea, m500 time!

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