LOL WHAT, has this happened to you?

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  1. I sold weed for a week just to make some money like 2 weeks ago and in that span had a bunch of people come by. Well this girl first came and I thought she was really cute, she then bought from me two more times after that. 2 hours ago I get a text from her saying : We should hang out and smoke or something this weekend.

    haha so dont know what to say but ill end up saying something like yeah we definely should. but straight up i have said 20 words to this girl, dont know her name, yet she wants to hang out (and most likely wants to gently fondle my penis (in her mouth) )

    Has this ever happened to you? A girl approaches you or shows interest after barely ever seeing her?
  2. yeh dude, I sold on and off for 2 years, I think I got more girls in that time than ever before! And they would flock to me. It was awesome.
  3. Sounds like your in a Win-Win situation.....
  4. hahah im sure she wants that penis of yours in her mouth......its clearly what her text meant.

    anyways i cant say this has happened to me, but i will laugh if you show up and she realizes your not selling anymore and suddnely loses interest! ;) jk

    but ya hang out with her already man!
  5. Mista marijuana, Legend mate!
  6. A lot of stoner girls are just looking for new people to smoke with. I don't think it necessarily means she wants your dick in her mouth (although it may). Just smoke together, have a good time, and if it leads to something else, enjoy! But if not, don't be pissed. And definitely don't say something like "Let's play strip toker, every time you take a hit you have to take off a piece of clothing ;) ;) " That will probably freak her out.
  7. Abbyyyy X is definatly in denial about the nature of her kind (women). Trust me this girl that text you definatly wants to shag you for a few hits on your 58cm bong, i'v seen it all before... well done it all before anyways.
  8. I think your answer lies in the portion of the message that says "smoke some weed".
  9. trust me give me 20 minutes making her laugh and smoking with her and im golden
  10. Just tell her to come to your gaff and when she walks in the door just be stood there naked freshly shaved only wearing timberland boots latex gloves and lab goggles with Ghostface killah on the stereo, it works every time for me
  11. haha ghostface is my boy! so yeah im probably be doing that, minus the latex because im allergic
  12. Wear black ivory gloves then, its non latex for graff artists & sick! i met ghostaface the other night he played sound control in manchester bro aha
  13. haha damn thats the shit hes one of the best emcees out there
  14. [quote name='"Johnnyhaze"']Just tell her to come to your gaff and when she walks in the door just be stood there naked freshly shaved only wearing timberland boots latex gloves and lab goggles with Ghostface killah on the stereo, it works every time for me[/quote]

    i lol'd. def do this with the black gloves. report back.
  15. yes, and it's pretty awesome.
  16. i miss selling.

    ima work again soon
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    yup! a woman claiming to be married one used to constantly text & call me all hours day & night.

    "wish you were here" "I love you" "we should hang out sometime.....just me & you" "you're special to me" "I'll always have your back"

    all Just some of her thoughts & Ideas that I had also agreed to.

    She told me she was married but I still moved forward. Then I slowly but surly verbally backed her into a corner then called her out on all her claims.

    I found & it Turns out her & her pimp(husband) were setting up & looking for a fall dude for a fraud scam. It's either that....or she really does love me . That was something she wouldn't/didn't have answers for.

    well actually she did.....but they made no sense at all.
    Just mindless panic babble stemming from the lack of a leg to stand on. LOL!

    If everything was on the up & up like she said.....I just wonder why she threatened me not to tell anybody, after I got to the bottom of it, refused................ then just laughed it off.

    She's was an admin for a different MMJ site, but has since victimized & used others to also gain position of advantage over the site owner.
    One of the best Manipulators I have ever come across & definitely a pro.

    It's all good though, because I really don't care for what he's doing either.
    I'm sure nobody's changed & Nature will take it's course.:smoke:

    It's tooo funny but amazing what big breasts & sweet talk can accomplish.
    I guess I really gotta hand it to her. She's making it work regardless.

    Although Attractive....Her breasts really had nothing to do with who & what I thought she was or portrait herself to be.
    But I do love who I thought she was inside. It's just that now I know for sure that who she tries to portrait does not exist within her.
    That's what makes things easy.

    She even admitted to me "I dont need money..........I just don't"
    & "If this site was a country........I would have taken over & would be running the place."

    Well she did & is. As a matter of fact She's probably on right now.

    "Hi sweetie ,Can I help me?.............. Er, I mean......Can I help YOU??"

    I'm just saying.............they are out there.......... believe me.
    Some that you wouldn't even suspect.
    But I do imagine that there has to be some that are sincere & genuine so best of luck to you.

    I really dont care what they want or how they go about getting it.
    Just don't try to play me in doing it.
    But I guess utilizing the guise of a special tight knit community to survive also works good too....If that's the only way some can or know how.

    But I suppose It's just a matter of "weeding them out":smoke:

    All the best & I really hope you win!

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