Lol so i was in my backyard

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  1. Chillin with some herb,
    loading up a fat bowl when i noticed i had put a seed in the bowl
    i grabbed it and set it on my leg and proceeded to smoke. by the time i finished
    my bowl i was nice and hiiigh lol i still am, and i realized the seed is gone.
    i guess i dropped it in the grass, i know this is a stupid question but

    do you think it'll grow? cuz, you know i threw some flower seeds on the grass not long ago
    and they grew, so do you think my seed will? :hippie:
  2. to many variables to consider

    NO it will not grow
  3. theres not even a little chance? lol?
  4. Sure, there is a chance.

    This is how seeds grow in nature.

    It may grow, it may not.
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    In oldskoolgrower's "the tale of a grower" or something similar, he noted that during his very first grow, the seeds that he scattered aimlessly over the ground grew better than those he buried. Anyone else remember hearing this? I hope I am not misquoting him.

    But probs not bro, maybe throw some water on the area you think it is. Is there lots of sunlight at the spot? who knows man, you could get lucky

    EDIT: I have returned with evidence of this phenomenon. It's quite profound!

    "Weeks passed. Every day Rick went back to that clearing to check on the precious plantings. Eventually a few spindly, straggling seedlings managed to poke forth. It was disappointing to the boy; only 3 or 4 out of the 20 even sprouted. Looking over into the corner though brought pause. The seeds he'd carelessly tossed aside were growing and looked much stronger than the ones he'd planted!"
    -Excerpt from "A Grower's Tale"

  6. seriously, i dont know why everybody is all "lol u fail lol"
    i had a friend keep throwing seeds under his patio table until one day his dad spotted a six inch plant that nobody else saw.
  7. I was thinking the same thing lol. Yeah he said "the ones that were lazilly scattered off to the side seemed to be progressing more then the gently buried seeds he placed." or something to that extent :)

    The seed could grow.
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    When I was in the U.S.A.F. I would come home on leave, sit on the back porch and toss any seeds out in the yard. One day when I'm back at base my mom calls a laughing, tells me I need to harvest my crop. When I went home that weekend there were 16 3 to 4 inch plants scatteredin the yard:D:smoking:
    Last year I spent alot of time at my son's, living in my motorhome. I would throw the occasional seed over his fence. One sprouted nicely, was in a good location in the yard, and grew to be a monster! yield was 1 & 1/2 lbs. of chronic:)
    So YES it's possible:D
  9. good job making OP feel like less of a high bastard, but 1 1/2 lbs from littered bagseed? you must got the magical weed fairy tending to your garden :)
  10. Yes, expect your seed to grow over 900 feet of Cannabis.
  11. godamnit dude get your shit straight

    school'd bitch
  12. very possible.. there was a guy in here that said he had plants growing in the floorboards of his old car.

    weed around here never ever has seeds :(
  13. DON'T CUT THE GRASS. haha

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