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lol reggie for 25 bucks for 7grams

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tical909, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. can't complain, straight blunt weed for cheap lol.

    not all of the 7 grams in picture, just a lil tip so no flaming.
  2. thats bomb reg
  3. vape that shit i am getting a half o tommorow that looks like that high mids 120 a half
  4. haha man thats blunt weed or fat ass joints....i will never vape that stuff...

    i just talked to dude he would give me a qp for 275, wants 90 for a zip...i just picked this up so i don't smoke all my other stash =/
  5. Those looks pretty nice for regs dude! I would pay 25 bucks for that much and roll a couple of fat ass blunts.... :smoke:
  6. fire regs bro, nice pick up man
  7. Roll some phillies!
  8. Those are pretty good prices for Chi-town. You should take advantage.
  9. Wow 25 bucks for 7 grams of that? Nice.
  10. Thats better looking then the 50/8th here no lie 60/8th looks slightly better but not by much ...god another reason to hate this hell hole.
  11. Atleast you can buy pipes and shit near you, I gota go to your area if I want to buy a pipe.

    Thats some nice shit for the prices man I know alota people who would jump all over those prices and snag a bunch of that shit up. Its hardtimes now man some people can't afford the danky dank.
  12. That is some high mids, if not low level dank. That is an amazing price, Is it as potent as it looks though? I have gotten good looking weed that smokes like mids.
  13. 275 a qp, fuck you:p Man I am so jealous you got yourself a fine deal. An ounce of that stuff would cost about 300 over here if not 400.
  14. Doesn't really stink man, because that shit was compressed, but does when u break it up, but the funny thing buddy said "the nugs are fluffy" they are definately not hahaha. typical salesman...
  15. looks pretty damn crystally for being mids. dope shit i can dig mids man that real cheap shit! roll fat ass blunts and J's.
  16. Grabbed a qp this morning at 10 of the same stuff......gonna make a quick dollar haha
  17. holla holla get dollas, LOOL

  18. Buy a QP and make bho...
  19. Good looking regs. You should defo try and take advantage of those cheap ass prices. Maybe sell it off to make a little profit.
  20. i get a quarter of high mids for 30. YOu live around the Philly area cuz that is the going rate for good mids. i actually mite pick some up tomorrow, im in the mood for blunt weed lol.:smoke:

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