LOL : "new super pot"

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  1. [ame=""]Dailymotion - Congress Warns: New "Super Pot" Dangerous as Crack Cocaine! - a News & Politics video@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
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    I lol'd. This is ridiculous...

    Our country has reached a level of ignorance with marijuana that can no long be tolerated. This is out of hand.
  3. lmfao:hello: this is awesome.Strain names being taken this seriously hahaha super pot damn.Thanku +rep
  4. at first i was like :mad:
    but then i waz like:D
    then i realized mass people really believe this shit and i was like:(

  5. My exact reaction. I mean I wonder if it's just people who have no experience or knowledge of cannabis, or if they really want to brain wash people that bad. Either way they should probably just shut the fuck up about things they are misrepresenting, but then again our government feeds us lies about most everything so you really cant be surprised.
  6. This is really pathetic. They are really desperate to try and say anything to make cannabis look evil, aren't they? I mean, really, crack cocaine? Give me a break.
  7. This just in...US Government found exaggerating the truth about marijuana to avoid admitting to a 70-year old mistake.

    Stay tuned. More lies and outright bullshit at 11.

    Seriously, like this is a shocker, especially with more and more votes hitting the booths regarding MMJ and outright legalization. C'mon now, expect them to hit harder than the NRA at an anti-gun rally in the coming months.

    I'm certain the lies coming soon to a newsfeed near you will be far worse than this. You think the mudslinging during the election was bad? Just wait...
  8. "dangerous as crack cocaine" thats so ridiculous. its funny because they make it seem like it is some new creation but we all know that the digity dank has been around for quite some time. people these days make me sick with all the bs they spread around :(
  9. holy shit i want some supoer pot that woiuld be fuckin the shit man that would be the fuckin shit.
  10. thats the conservative media

    we are still in the age of Fox, whether media companies want to admit it or not. its like they want to make the switch over to the liberal side but they have gotten the taste for exaggerating things and they dont want to tarnish their image and risk looking like a bunch of flip floppers like most politicians.

    what the main root of this is, is these politicians that are pushing for tougher laws really honestly never did a drug in their life, and so they have no experience or knowledge of the marijuana industry.

    they dont understand that these strains are bred to be that potent because the people who use the shit know they cant overdose on it. you can never have smoked in your life and for your first time you could smoke 3 grams of that uber strong Kush, and be really high. but if you smoked 3 grams of crack, you would die before you got halfway thru. thats the difference.

    this kind of thing makes me want to blow up a government building.
  11. "Maxwell attacked 51-year-old Mrs Tulloch on September 5 last year after a night smoking skunk and playing Grand Theft Auto."

  12. Fuck, what happened to the good ol' days when you could just blame the video game?:rolleyes:
  13. "Kush or "hydro" as it's called has reached toxicity levels of crack cocaine"

  14. retards these days :rolleyes:
  15. This sounds funny but the video link isn't working for me :(
  16. haha kush, gives you a pathetic fucking high compared to any heavy sativa like white widow..... how does the news of all places, not do a simple wikipedia search to find out what kush is, kush...has been natively grown in middle easten/eastern europe/western asia area for ever and, it can be pretty nasty if not grown right... hahaha i love the news. My favorite part "there is a new marijuana..." a new one... is this like a new apple, or strawberry, that just makes you so fucking full you die
  17. click on the title of the window
  18. If the bill were to actually get some footing, I wonder if anybody would be allowed to come in and testify and refute every asinine statement these sacks of shit are saying. Point by point, every one of them shot down by logic and science, not letting the assholes talk over us (like they always do when MPP/NORML reps are on talk shows) while we own the fuck out of their stupid ideas.

    Those of you in Illinois, you better get your asses out there and vote this fuck out of a job ASAP. Call/send letters telling him how much of an idiot he is, and to wake up from the goddamn 1930s already.
  19. $600 an ounce? Either that's one stupid buyer or a brilliant drug dealer.

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