Lol, my english prof. came up to me and said this

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  1. "hey, there was just an announcement this morning, im pretty sure this morning that marjiuana smokers have a 70% chance to have testicular cancer if they are a young age, and smoke it regularly."

    then she walks away and i start laughing because she said it in front of me with like people around me n shit, then she runs back and is like

    " actually i meant a group of young men with testicular cancer ran tests and 70% of those men smoked pot on a regular basis "

    and im like ..........huh? hahaha

    she always tries to bag on me about smokin before class...and im like i have add without it ..but i really dont hahah
  2. Mary Jane would never do such a horrible thing...
  3. that makes all the difference. if i had testicular cancer id do an obscene amount of drugs
  4. OMG I was thinking the same thing, I wouldv replied to her second statement with

    "That makes sense, nothing like a bowl to ease your testicular pain"
  5. ya know what, i bet 100% of those men also ate bread:eek::eek::eek::eek:BREAD CAUSE TESTICULAR CANCER YOU GUYS!

  6. All things bashing cannabis are pure propaganda to get people stop smoking. SHIT SCIENTIST are saying that Extacy is a safe drug to consume. I mean most people think the stuff is horrible for you.
  7. guys....I just read that EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS EVER DIED HAS DRANK WATER!!! this substance is a gateway substance, from water one will go to milk, then orange juice, then beer and liquor and finally straight isopropyl alcohol!! it kills so many people a year!! and yet all of these celebrities drink and drink and drink it, there are advertisements ALL OVER THE PLACE!! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!
  8. ha ha yeah i did say something along the lines of that, i said what if they are using it..BECAUSE they have that cancer?
  9. I would have been like, "Well, the jerk store called and they're running out of you!"
  10. By golly you're right! And I'm gonna do something about it! No water for my kids! :devious::hello:
  11. in other news more than half of all americans have tried marijuana before. the article from which she got this story from is a joke. it states that it is just a hypothesis and is more than likely bullshit.

    I don't think this was a scientific study, it was a poll. They just asked 400 guys with testicular cancer if they smoked weed, and 25% of them said yes. They didn't do any research to find out if the marijuana use actually increased their chance of getting testy cancer.

    It would be like me going up to 400 cancer patients, and asking if they have used alcohol. Half of them say yes, and then I conclude alcohol must cause cancer...

  13. oh yeah it does. You don't treat it right, you're going be in deep shit, just like shrooms.
  14. FYI your English professor is flirting with you. She hot? Flirt back.
  15. no, cancer causes drinking and smoking! :eek:
  16. Word. This was really attractive, intelligent flirting ;)

  17. hahaha gewd wan. perfect 4:20 post
  18. shouldve told that bitch correlation =/= causation

  19. HAHAHAH ohh man i'll +rep for that cause it made me laugh for a considerable ammount of time. Probably cuase im baked.

  20. This.

    She's joking with you. Hit it up.

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