Lol I Think This Chick Is Using Me For Sex

Discussion in 'General' started by TheCoolest420, May 23, 2013.

  1. So i get a text from an old ex. Not even an ex i just used to fuck her in high school. It said: i want you.

    I said: for what?

    She sent me a picture of her bent over backwards. I went to her house and helped her out for a good 30 minutes. Then after we both came i was told her i felt used.

    As she was pushing me out the door shes all like "you can text me if u want" BURN. I feel like a piece, of meat. Smh.
  2. save that bitch's number for a rainy day 
  3. You have a booty call lol nothing wrong with getting some pussy. If you want, wait a couple of days, don't text her, then outta nowhere tell her you want her. Boom. If it goes wrong, it goes wrong. If it goes right, profit.
  4. If it bothers you then don't do it again. But man it sounds like you have a good opportunity for a good FWB situation. If you pass this up you will be voted off the Island.
  5. are you gay or something dude? this could potentially turn into friends with benefits.
  6. lol nah i just thought it was funny her using me after i used her all through the first two years of high school. Shes not that cute anyway i get better on the regular.

    Ill just wait till she texts again. If im not busy ill hit.
  7. Will never understand emotionless breeding, but whatever floats your boat, lol

    Not judging you, just perplexed.

    Turned down many more chicks than I banged and don't regret a single, "no thanks."
  8. "You feel like a piece of meat?" well technically your dick is, and your whole body so, spot on chap.
    Im' not ruled by snatch at all, AT ALL, COULD NOT GIVE LESS OF A FUCK, but man, this seems odd....
  9. I think someone came on here to gloat.... :rolleyes:
  10. Sounds like you may want to remember directions to the nearest free clinic. 
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    The thread title is "lol I think this chick is using me for sex" Based on the story you told us i don't think there is any way you could be anything but absolutely sure she is using you for sex.
  12. And don't forget to get your card punched.
  13. well i don't like connecting with girls or anyone else emotionally. And its not breeding. Its fucking. I wore a condom and shes on the pill. Babies were never part of the equation. She did call me daddy tho :p
  14. :p See, you know she used you! It was fucking. Eh, nothing wrong with that as long as she isn't just fucking everyone else too.
  15. First world problems
    Getting a freebie lay.
  16. You knew what she wanted before you went over there so if you didn't want to be "used" for sex by someone you only ever had a sexual relationship with then I guess you shouldn't have gone. 
  17. You're complaining? Get your head on straight, Mac. You've found an easy source of near-unlimited pussy. Some men call that Paradise.
  18. Listen I think we're all getting wrapped up in semantics. I think the real question on everybody's mind is, was the pussy good OP?
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    When a dude is swimming in pussy like OP obviously is the definition of "good pussy" probably changes. 
  20. why the hell would a guy have a problem with getting used for sex?
    re-examine your sexuality if being used for sex is a bad thing

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