LOL dude gets his ass whooped on train (video)

Discussion in 'General' started by Jose Bautista, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. [ame=]NWO Wolfpack Attack Man on L Train in NY - YouTube[/ame]
  2. carry heat to fuck punks like these up
    if ur riding a ny train and u tend to get messed with
  3. Pussy ass fucks for 3v1'ing him.
  4. stupid N*****s.

    any bitch's can fight in 3's

    i agree with smokey.

    exactly why i spend 600 on a piece that will protect myself and my family.
  5. Stupid fuckin' animals.
  6. Honestly Jose I wish we had a - rep button. This is not LOL this is disgusting. NWO? Wolf pack? Looks like three thugs on a train to me. When someone says they are not aggressive or needing to fight and your homie decides that's ok to sucker punch him it's your job to punch your homie not lynch some stranger. What the F(*& kind of person would think this is appropriate or funny.
  7. Don't turn your back on the Wolfpack
  8. What do you even think that means?

  9. yeah I heard dey like the butt seks
  10. yep fucking animals! Vote for conceal carry laws, and this kind of crap will slow down.
  11. Thats what the guy gets for being beta as fuck, not carrying a gun, and trying to suavely push the guys face away instead of jabbing him in the throat.
  12. Man I would have gotten involved 3v1 is bullshit.
  13. yeah, I don't like to fight but if I saw some punk shit like that... woulda been dropping them, lil kids or not.

  14. not only do I turn my back on the wolf pack, I stab the wolf pack in the back, and then the face!

    all metaphorically of course.
    wolves are tight, people who pretend to be "wolfs" are gay
  15. i hate hoodlums
  16. If he shot them, and they didn't have guns, even though they were the aggressors, I'm pretty sure he'd get arrested.
  17. pshh you guys all know you would be acting different if you were there...
  18. thats pussy shit props to the dude tryin to get back

  19. yeah for real. ANYONE can take someone 3 or 4v1.

    If I were there I'd of pulled out my .45 and been like "listen you gangbangin fucks back the FUCK UP or ill kill you all"

    This dude though....Shoulda just put his head down instead of beein suave with that lil slap wtf was he thinking???? You can see the dude in the black just waiting to jump in too. Should have nut shutted the dude in his face and followed with a throat shot to the dude waiting and then it would have been a 1v1.
  20. im with the mexican dude. he put up a fight an did exactly what i wouldve done. those dudes are thugs so prolly be in jail or dead before long anyways.

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