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lol, 77 Ways to say no to weed and still be cool!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mithrandir, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Stumbled upon this and thought I'd share for the laughs. :p :wave:

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  2. give me 10seconds of my life back -.-
  3. "I'd rather eat my mother's mystery casserole!"
    >"Still be cool."
  4. Im not a hippie but answer number 2 says "no. what do I look like, a hippie?" which I feel is straight up derogatory. Fuck the creator of that poster and what they believe is "cool"
  5. The guy who wrote that was high.
  6. "No, I never smoke on days that end with Y"
  7. "Instead of respectfully declining your offer, I am going to be an ignorant fucker and bash you for it in ways that I find humorous that nobody else does".
  8. "No, I have a very busy schedule."

  9. "No. Get it? Got it ? Good."


    i cant imagine anyone saying this in person lol
  10. Fuck this...Better tell 'em "Yes" and give me the bag, or I'll start siphoning it out of your fuckin' lunch money.:cool:
  11. This is corny as fuck.
  12. "I don't want your life."

    My life is pretty decent actually lol
  13. No thanks, I only smoke sausages. WTH rofl
  14. Damn, even the anti-drug propagandists are pressuring the youth to be "cool".

    I'd rather say yes to weed and not be cool. :cool:
  15. No I don't talk to strangers, stranger!
    Weed makes you a stranger now. You learn something everyday
  16. "No, it'll violate my parole"

    So being fresh outta jail is cool? Kids these days...
  17. this should be 77 ways to say no and come off as a dick
  18. I don't think anyone that would respond in those ways would ever be offered weed in the first place.

    "No, not right now. Ask me again in a billion years."

    Damn... I get it. Because that's a really long time and we'll both be dead. You're pretty breezy, kid

  19. When I saw that I immediately wrote the whole thing off as a joke written by a stoner.

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