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  1. You've probably heard this before:

    "If god is alpowerful can he create a stone he cannot lift?"

    Doesn't this just prove that NOTHING can ever be all powerful. I mean, logic is so strict, and theres no way avoiding that using logic god cannot be allpowerful? If he can't make it, he's not allpowerful, and if he can't lift it he's not allpowerful. So... logically its impossible. What doesn't apply to logic.

    Anyway, I'm just ranting, I am completely stoned off my ass... sorry...
  2. you are spot on there my man. Unfortunately I have the answer to your question. Religion, according to many of its various followers is not logical. It can be proven that God does not exist through logic, however try to tell any 'die-hard' catholic and they will simply move the goalposts, that is if they have read and memorised every word of the bible. they've got prety much every base covered... but usually in a rather silly way.

    It's like bill hicks said (hey wait a minute, didn't I quote bill somewhere else here recently?!? ... anyway...) "Dinosaurs!" because theres no reference to them in the bible, and no mention of "God" making any errors in his creation of the world before 'we' (adam & eve) were made in the days before when he was busy filling the planet with animals and plants.

    so how would fundamentalist christians explain such an occurance??? well... God put the fossils there to test our faith.

    Right. sure. ok. I think I've just convinced myself to go back to church


    and not to make reference of another peice of modern media... the film "DOGMA"... well... I needn't say anymore... just go watch it. theres an awfull lot of fun poking! hehe

    The best thing that scientific knowledge brought was the start of the downfall of archaic backwards bullshit religion (ie all the religions)

  3. Digit I agree with what your saying. I know some christians who say that dinasaurs are made up from scientest. I had one person to tell me that the scientest make all the bones and then just claim to find them.

    I feel that mother earth may be the true god! We came from dirt and return to dirt. The earth provides everything we need to live our lives. When you think about it, our water, food, air, everything you need comes from mother earth!

    Whos to say she is not god!!!!!!!
  4. a good way to look at it. she may well be. and if "God" is to have a gender, it would be female. But i'd just like to expand on that a little. In the creation of planets, often a very violent and chaotic stream of collisions, bits of other planetary bodies get scattered about so we (earth & all that exists on it) are part of other plantes and vice versa. we are all made up from principally "starstuff" so if we are to have a "god" should it not be matter & @ an even finer level Energy. because thats all matter really is... Energy. So next time you (not that i'm suggesting u do or have) ridicule someone for believing in the jedi Force, just pause and think about that for a second (woops, just realised i sound like i'm telling someone of... TOTALLY not intentended). the "force" is probably the sanist of all religions as it can be quantified by science.

    I really think i make more sence when i'm stoned.
  5. woops... i forgot to mention the conection to Quantum mechanics and chaos theory and other advanced physics... It all leads me to see that religion and all the events that many religious people often use to explain the existance of god (remember lines like "look at that beautifull scenery, that proves god exists" and "how else do you explain we are here other than god" and "just look at the stars, they wouldn't exist if there were no god" and the list goes on and on) can be much better and logically explained through science.

    AND!!!! (another thing i forgot) you could go upto a fundementalist christian and explain to them on some starry night that the light that they see from the stars is hundreds of thousands of years older than they thought things existed for. 12,000 years indeed! hahahahahahahahahahahaha! why the hell would people follow a religion in this day and age??? is the size of space to scary for some people??? i just don't get it.
  6. Science basically has proven most parts of all religion false. theres no escaping science, it sure does tell the truth.
  7. logic is one of the grandest forces at work in our universe... but if knowledge is incomplete, logic can only take you so far.

    but having said that... religion is no substitute. it cannot take you nearly as far.

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