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  1. Hey y'all. On to my second grow. Need your help.

    What do you use for a growing log / app / website? This grow I have EIGHT plants going, six of one, one each of two others (bag seed experiment). I can't seem to find a log that has a setup like this:

    - One grow
    - Multiple Plants
    - Frequent temp and rH readings for tent, not for each plant.
    - I'd love to be able to add notes for each plant (which I've labeled) under the one grow and have them siloed to the specific plant. (So, pics for 1-8, each day)

    Everything I've found makes me do EIGHT grows or other weird variations. I refuse to believe that something like I'm looking for doesn't exist. Maybe I don't know how to use the apps right....

    Any thoughts??

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  2. Curiousity....what exactly do you want to track/log about the grow........EVERYTHING??
  3. What about a good old spreadsheet? Google sheets can be used on any device.
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  4. I was looking to do this same thing with HASSIO/Grafana and a zwave 6-way sensor in the tent. I’ve not gotten it up and running yet and if you’re not a tech nerd, it may be out of reach. But ya a solution. I know of no cloud-based entities which will do this for you (and me)

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  5. As much as possible
  6. That's what I figured....I was just checkin...lol.

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