Locking your door before stepping out of you car?

Discussion in 'General' started by dfhdhfwoee, May 21, 2010.

  1. Say you get pulled over and are ordered to step out of your vehicle. You lock the door and close it behind you.

    What's the cop do now? If he wanted couldn't he just take your keys and unlock himself?
  2. Thats illegal you have rights, kick him in the balls or something./
  3. I asked my dad who is a police officer (and also a smartass) and he said he would just bust the window in and laughed... i guess this the mentality most cops have lmao

    But no really he wouldn't do that.... just looking if theres any way around it
  4. It's an unlawful search if he unlocks it and searches without probable cause. That doesn't mean you can resist a police officer, it just means if you end up with charges they will be dismissed in court.
  5. If you ever get illegally searched and you get caught with weed or something it's a open and shut case. You don't even need a lawyer bring your sister, and then own the cop, the judge and backhand the bitchass cop.
  6. wait Op if your dad is a cop you should be telling everything they can and can't do....

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