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Locked Bud in a safe and lost the key

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Spav52?, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. So years ago I was given a cheap Sentry safe as a present. I didn't have too much use for it but I quickly began storing my bud and other weed related stuff in there.

    The problem is, for the last month I've been locked out because I lost the key. I've looked EVERYWHERE but it is really truly gone. I called the Sentry and the safe is so old, they can't even replace the key. So I'm thinking of taking it to a locksmith, but I know there's a big ass bag of bud front and center in that bad boy. Do you guys think the locksmith is gonna have to report it or we can just have a big ass laugh about it? Should I even risk taking it there?
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  2. Any pics of the safe? Any chance you can break it open yourself
  3. Also why lock your bud up, free the herb lol
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  4. There are lots of videos on youtube of how to get into various sentry safes without keys. Without knowing your model, I can't help you more than that. Might be worth a watch.
  5. If it was loud, it's blown the safe open by now.
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  6. The locksmith's reaction depends on what state you live in, and his personality
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  7. It is a Sentry V330 with a combo and a cross lock.
  8. Yeah my biggest nightmare, lol. The locksmith won't really care I guess once he gets it open his job is done as long as there isn't a body in there I think your good. Of course I would try any alternate routes before I resorted to hauling the safe off to a locksmith with a bag of bud in there, especially if your in a non-friendly state.
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  9. How do we know that you did not just steal the safe and now you are asking for help on how to break into it?
    Sentry Safes are garbage and can be opened very easily,
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  10. I did a little time back in the day. That ass pile you call a safe wouldn't last 60 seconds. Just google how to break into it. Or Post a picture and I'll tell you exactly what to do if the internet doesn't provide the knowledge you seek.
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  11. take the safe and repeatedly drop it on a hard surface on the same corner of the safe. it will spring open. just make sure your neighbors aren't around or let them know what you're doing.

    i've had the same dilemma. only it was in regards to gold coins. lol.
  12. from looking at it, I can't really see a way in, without destructive entry, such as drilling or prying. Those are 1" steel locking bolts, holding the door. And most locksmiths don't care, I've gotten people into their car with an oz sitting in the center. I don't even mention the weed or anything. I don't care what you've got, as long as you PAY ME without question.
  13. There is NO reason why he needs to look in your safe once it's cracked. Could be anything highly sensitive. Just ask up front...I wouldn't ever presume to look inside someone safe once I've cracked it...things are in a safe for a reason.
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  14. No, there is no reason he should look in the safe, I agree, but I feel like it would just be opened anyway. Maybe just reflex, or trying to explain something about the lock or whatnot to you. Asking upfront about whether it would be looked in or not could come across as highly sketchy in the wrong situation. I mean, even if you weren't in the friendliest of states, I feel like even if he saw it, what's he gonna do? Lock the doors and citizen arrest your ass until the cops get there? Still though, I would at very least try a more homebrew method first if at all possible.

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  15. Just flex it open. I hope you Americans know the thing under that name.
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  16. Flat head n hammer, been there done that. Be surprised how easy it pops

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  17. this was suppose to be dead!

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