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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FlyHighCaveman, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Where are some of the most f*cked up places you have ever found yourself blazin?
  2. For me it would have to be at church,long time ago haha....
  3. In an 80 year olds home
  4. not realyy anywhere fucked up. aside from my house, and other friends houses, ive only smoked at the park
  5. Cancer ward.
  6. its was cold out and me and my friends had a nice blunt, so we went to this church, and the first doors of one of the entrances was open. so we were able to just chill in this little room between the doors. we baked it out pretty good and still do time to time. I also remember smoking at a cemetery that was supposed to be haunted, cemeteries just give you a weird vibe when your high.
  7. Imagine smoking in zero gravity... :)
  8. A movie theater bathroom. Skate arena bathroom. School bathroom.

    I just like blazin' in bathrooms.
  9. aw man...that would be the sh*t!!!
  10. Church probably

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