Local Pest Control sprayed near my plants! Am I in trouble? What can I do?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by PinkKush29, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. So I have a cannabis garden in my backyard (among-st my flowers and bushes). And we have a local Pest control service come and spray our house for bugs. The substance they use is supposed to be organic and therefore safe for People and Pets. However, I noticed today they have been spraying roughly 1.5 - 2 ft away from my cannabis. I saw that the wind was blowing slightly and now I'm worried its gotten onto my plants and buds! :sad:
    So now I don't know what to do. Are they still good or are they ruined? I really don't know how long they've possibly and inadvertently been getting sprinkled on by the sprayer. I grow organically, and have even built a little screen house to keep the pests out. Would the screen be enough to block the majority of the spray?

    Please help. Any Tips or Suggestions greatly appreciated!
  2. what a tricky situation. throwing the plants away would be a waste of time, money and resources but would also potentially save lives. the screen may have blocked whatever spray was in the air but also may have not depending on the size of the holes within the screen and what not. many factors are involved in the situation. personally, i'd continue growing them, testing their levels and keeping a CLOSE eye on their progress. see if you see anything abnormal or if you wanna be safe, trash them

    i'd definitely let them know where they can and cannot spray next time.
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  3. I'd have to call the pest control and ask for 'the sheets' on what they spray... and, then, perform my due diligence before smoking the pot.
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  4. I'd smell them and if I didn't smell poison I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. This wins! Personally doubt their organic, but I may be wrong! It could be safe! (Meanwhile every pest that touches it dies lol)
    I've got close to pest control guys when I was in Florida, they tell ya it's safe with a wink.

    Feel it, is it sticky when dry?

    Good service if they come and spray organicside.

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  6. :D
    What kind of a tumble-down, roach - infested rat trap are you languishing in anyhow?!
    I think I can hear the mail train coming![​IMG]:biggrin:
  7. Ok so I read up about the type of Insecticide they use and it says its made of Oleo-resin extract of the Chrysanthemum flower (natural insecticide). They claim their spray only target insects but are extremely safe and effective around people.
    I looked on google about chrysanthemums to see what I could find. There's a part where it says it isn't harmful to mammals except in large quantities. So I don't really know. I'm probably safe?
  8. I'm in So Cal and we happen to live right behind a wash. So we have mosquitoes, and Spiders. I don't think we got roaches.
  9. Haha hope that stuffs safe! I know companies that spray for roaches have to use a different toxin because of how quickly they reproduce and build resistance. Dam buggers, specially them huge ones. Uhhhhhhh

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  10. Also nicknamed Dalmatian chrysanthemum, this perennial daisy is loaded with chemicals called pyrethrins that are toxic to insects. Since it is directly extracted from a plant, and since it is considered nontoxic to humans, pyrethrum is approved in the U.S. for use on certified organic farms.

    chrysanthemum insecticide safety - Google Search
  11. Fun fact: Phylos Bioscience started testing hundreds of food items and they have found pesticides in every single item tested. Just like electromagnetic waves, we can't void pesticides. They're even in the air we breathe every second of every day.

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