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local middies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by magicbum18, May 26, 2009.

  1. i just picked up a half of mids, but i felt like sharing it with you guys so i took a few nugshots.





    its some dank mids, i smoked half of it already and some bowls of juicy fruit :smoke:
  2. Very high mids. How much did that run you? Actually looks half dank.
  3. looks like some good mids... how much that half cost?
  4. that last pic looks exactly like the bud i had bought the other day .. got a quater was $25
  5. yeah those mids look pretty decent. price??
  6. yea those look like really high mids. I honestly would not mind smoking those at all, especially for a middie price.
  7. Very high mids indeed!!!
  8. the half costed me 70, and yes it is very nice mids. but my ten bags that i get are 2.0 gs of this stuff.
  9. i would pick up so much of that shit for 70 a half. im sure it would get even cheaper in the ounces range
  10. yea its like 120 a ounce, 100 if i am lucky.

  11. damn thats like 5 a g. good shit:smoking:
  12. yeah same prices here for green like that ..

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