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Local Hash (pic)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Oracle, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    paid around $60 for 10g
  2. Fucking DEAL. Nice.
  3. That shit looks nice!

    The Duck.
  4. "I smoke rocks! They're great!"
  5. Great deal bro, I need to find a connect like that!
  6. Damn, that is a straight hook up. Looks like some good hash too
  7. damn 6$ a g for some hash seems like its a better buy than bud
  8. if i could buy hash in my area, i would for sure
    get blitzed, and save money , whats up.
  9. that's some serious looking hash man.. very nice!
  10. iv never heard of anyone buying hash but that seems really cheap
  11. you and that other DO U FIND HAS FOR SO CHEAP!?!?!?!?!
  12. +rep for a killer deal and some killer hash. Best deal I've found was $20/g.
  13. If I got that kind of deal I would buy nothing but hash...
    I pay 30 for a g of some bomb hash.
  14. Around here hash is 10$/g

    But weed is 5$/g

    (Quebec, Canada)
  15. $6 a gram for that?

    Sick pickup if it's true.
  16. chappelle show haha
  17. why would I lie? what am I trying to prove over the internet are you joking?

    man around here everywhere is FLOODED with hash I pay for 10 buy my dealer gave me 13...

    he pays less then $300 for 100grams and sells 100g for around $400...

    no lie thats what the prices are here...but good bud goes for around $170 for 10g
  18. u must live in pot town..thats grower prices for hash sick deal
  19. fuck man i would just eat that with a spoon...
  20. I wish I had your hook, Id be buying like 20 grams a day! :smoking:

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