*Local GrowOp BUSTED!*

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    SO apparently some neighbors have been conducting a grow op for almost a year, as their house was raided yesterday by police.

    Watch the video or read the report to get details: Lake Hideaway Pot Bust | KETKnbc.com | The News Station

    Im so f*cking furious right now. I don't even know what to say.

    Who were they harming? who were they interfering with? what was so wrong?

    they are all now facing felony charges..

    pisses me off to see this.

    It's such a killer to see this..what good is it leading to..?

  2. Damn, he said they found marijuana in every room. What a waste. Then to top it off they fucked over these peoples lives too. Then he insults all of us and says he can't take the smell.

    I say we round up a nice sized mob, and raid his house. See how he likes it.
  3. Damn, that sucks man. I have to say though growing that much weed and selling isn't the greatest idea. Eventually something will most likely lead back to you and getting caught with that much with intent to sell is a nightmare.
  4. Damn that blows. The mall that's 2 minutes away from me had a grow op in one of the stores lol.
  5. Joel Allegretto Photography

    Wow, Joel and his wife look like horrible people dont they...????
    F*ck this BS, they are each facing 3 felonies.

    Normal ass people just getting by. Not hurtin no one. Not interfering with anyone else. Just bein themselves.
  6. that sucks
    but growing that much weed is just asking for trouble

    always better to be safe than sorry

    i've learned my lessons
    never fuck with cops
    they are the biggest goons you will ever meet
    and they can screw up your life whenever they want
    all under the guise of "justice"
  7. sorry to say but these guys seem like they had it coming at some point...being able to smell it from the porch? Through walls in the house? Come on, cash croppers can't get sloppy like that...speaking of which he obviously sucked as one, because the drying branches look like nothing but lame colas and popcorn :laughing: he clearly wasn't a growing guru

    sucks for this guy though
  8. Yeah, people get raped, killed, and a bunch of other serious shit and cops are worrying about a plant. A fucking plant, someone is murdered every 60 seconds how about they focus on the 1440 murderers a day?
  9. gotta have smell and stealth on lockdown.... otherwise it's only a matter of time
  10. A-men carbon scrubber FTW.
  11. they kept their operation at one place to long the should got the fuck outa there after they found someone was leaking out their secrets
  12. looks like they're not moving to texas anymore like their website says...i bet they smelled like weed everywhere they went, that op looks so reckless.
  13. I agree that that is a horrible situation to be in, but he was ASKING for it.

    Who would honestly think it's a good idea to grow THAT much weed? And then to top it off, get some coke and shrooms too. Throw it all in one big box, and set it out for the pigs to find.

    Duh. This one is kinda a no brainer. I mean, yeah, it sucks and all. But stupid is as stupid does.
  14. I doubt tthe police could smell it from the porch. C'mon now who grows all that and doesn't have any precautions for smell?

    Somebody probably snitched, because if you could smell that horrible marijuana odor from the porch that would be probable cause right?

  15. Yeah they look like good people. It sucks that this happened. I hate how they said the community was disrupted by drugs.
  16. I wish it told us how much weed

  17. Look up a class 3 felony in that state... should give you an idea
  18. Based on what the pig in the movie said, they had anywhere from 5-50lbs of it in the house.

    They were both in there young 20's, and looking to move out of TX in the next couple months.

    The community that this happened in is a very, very quiet gated area. Most of the population are older retired people.

    Suddenly a couple days ago constables, police, and DEA agents invaded this quiet peaceful neighborhood.

    I didnt even know my neighbors- the feeling this BS gives me feels along the lines of Nazi's coming into my neighborhood and removing peaceful people because they were Jews.

    It's crap like this that infuriates me..i feel like the pigs took a part of me away.

    Second incident for me involving pigs that greatly lowers my tolerance for them. F*ck them, these people were living their own damn lives.
  19. I love reading comments from piss-and-vinegar-filled teenagers about how much they hate cops. Grow up already.
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    im not a piss-and-vinegar-filled teenager im a grown ass man and i fucking hate pigs why dont you grow up before posting a dumb ass comment :hello: IMO we don't need cops just the right to own assault rifles, who would fuck with you anyway if you had a loaded AK-47 filled with 7.62mm rounds ready to rip you a new asshole not me....

    OP - and yeah I would be mad too, they looked like good people but a lil careless...

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