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  1. I barely have any credit established so I can't get a loan from any big banks for a car anyone have any good reliable places they've gotten a loan?
  2. It would help to know whether you are in the States and what your small local bank told you- megabanks are NOT the answer for everything. Small local banks still look at character and capacity.

  3. There should be a credit union near you. Start saving regularly and they will give you a loan after a while.

    Oh and fuck those gangster "we loan money to anyone with a pulse" operations. You will be raped.

    Until then make do with a horse or a bicycle like we did in my day.
  4. get a loan from where you work. chances are you won't miss the bottom line.
  5. Get a credit card. Then make some small purchases with it. Pay it off every month. A year later you'll have excellent credit. Or save up a few grand then get a signature loan against that cash and in 6 months you'll have excellent credit. Or find a cosigner.
  6. With any loan get ready to get raped, especially if they got access to your bank account ..
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  7. Only loan i've ever taken out was a loanshark. Shady business that is, i'd say it's shadier than the legal alternative but I don't know man, some of the stories i've heard of financial rape via bank and loan offices.. I wouldn't touch that shit.

    Joe Blow with the dog and the mean look'n "fam" are the guys i'd much rather do business with, at least they don't have access to my social insurance and bank information.
  8. I own my car and I got a loan on the title to pay for a lawyer on my divorce 6 years ago , then got the loan again to put a down for a rental, one payment left.. The car doesn't run anymore, can't wait to get it towed to the junkyard
  9. Sometimes I wonder how these dead threads manage to be dug up. :laughing:
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  10. Man - its not even a thing to get a loan. Lemme know - Ive got some friends of ours that’ll hook you up with whatever you need; no questions asked.


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