Loads Of Little Balls

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Stigze, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. Hi i got a couple of plants with loads of little balls i take this to be a male there are no white pistles.

    So what do we do with this male plant do i leave it to grow, will it produce seeds, or do i bin it?

  2. YEUCH....lol...burn it more like...unless youve got a female/s it wont do anything..best thing to do if you want seeds is put it somewhere safe ( quiet place outside or in a shed ) cut off the top leaving it about 18 in high .Make sure you leave some of the male flowers on it when you do this and when it pollenates ( gold dust on leaves ) collect a little and take it in a bag to your females , turn off any fans and using a very fine artists paintbrush paint it on to some of the buds on your females...NOT ALL OF THEM !!!! do 5 at the most this will provide minimum of 50 seeds , leave your fan off for the rest of the day .
  3. yep..thats a male..you can make hash out of the leaves, though.
  4. Bummer think i will have to just bin these plants.


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