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    just... watch. :p

    Skateboarding's second best trick EVER!

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  2. Holy crap.

    Face plant. LOL

    Too much pressure on the nose, kid. :p
  3. HAHA, so funny, poor little kid is trying to learn how to skate and he smashes his head off the concrete. I don't know how people get off this shit.
  4. Everybody falls sometimes... It comes with the territory.

    The kid had a helmet on.

    He knew the risks... and out of operational error - he did not drop in correctly and fell.

    I'm sure he'll look back later on and laugh when he's droppin' in like a pro.

    Lighten up. :smoke:
  5. I'm generally a happy guys but, I don't know man, when I see a kid rolling around on the ground crying in pain my first instinct is not to laugh at him, maybe I'm just not desensitised to other peoples suffering, then again I just finished a book on compassion. Either way, this looks like something you'd see on one of those funniest shows on the idiot box, stupid? maybe, but the kid still got hurt, to me it's just not funny. my 2 cents that all
  6. Everyone who ever skateboarded fell trying to drop in atleast one point in their lifetime.

    stupid ass emo.
  7. true, i have. but not like that. :p
  8. Chill... He wasn't really hurt come on now, think back way back!! Anytime you fell it was just instinct to cry no matter if you were hurt or not. He didn't even really face plant he grabbed his chest he was all good.. :smoking:
  9. Awww poor thing! I just wanna go and hug him or something.
    It was kinda funny tho, at least it wasn't even that big of a fall.

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