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  1. thought u guys might like this

    Stranger: hi baby

    You: hi

    Stranger: male 25

    You: female

    Stranger: age ?

    You: guess

    You: im not otoooooooooooo old i hope

    Stranger: i can`t

    You: why are u a pussy?

    Stranger: pussy ?

    You: do u have sand in your vagina?

    Stranger: i m not understand.

    You: why cant u understand

    Stranger: vagina means?

    You: can u guess how old i am?

    Stranger: u 20

    You: 19999

    You: 19

    Stranger: liyer

    You: im 19 believe

    Stranger: ok u know my real age?

    You: idk

    Stranger: guess

    You: um 21

    Stranger: no

    You: 16?

    Stranger: hahah ha no

    You: 12

    Stranger: hahah ha if i say i m 75

    You: ur not 75

    Stranger: but why?

    You: u would be dead

    Stranger: hahah ha u have a good knowledge abt age

    Stranger: i m only 26

    You: ty

    You: i was close

    Stranger: close?

    You: yea

    Stranger: where?

    You: in your underwear

    Stranger: really?

    You: yea

    Stranger: then u have many tours

    Stranger: in many pussys

    You: i want a tour in your pussy

    Stranger: but darling i have only cock

    You: gtfo

    Stranger: what

    You: u disgust me

    Stranger: u have pussy n ass

    Stranger: i wanna fuck both

    You: ok

    Stranger: ok

    Stranger: wow

    Stranger: great

    You: ok?

    Stranger: lets start begin

    You: how

    Stranger: fist u suck my cock

    You: no gtfo

    Stranger: what heppen?

    You: u happen

    Stranger: hey suck my cock bitch

    Stranger: wanna abbuse slap n fucking like a sexy bitch

    You: but im scared

    Stranger: no baby do not scared

    Stranger: its just 4 fun n enjoy

    You: ok i guess

    Stranger: what?

    You: ok go

    Stranger: mother fudker go to hell

    You: what

    Stranger: u may go

    You: u got trolled son

    You: so hard

    You: how u like it

    You: u like it hard

    You: fcken queer

    Stranger: what do u want cock or hen?

    You: go where

    Stranger: tell tell?

    Stranger: cock or hen? what

    You: what

    Stranger: if boy have cock then girl have hen

    Stranger: hahaha ha ha

    Stranger: understand

    You: wow

    You: i kinda understand
  2. /b/ is that way :wave:
  3. best thread u ever read
  4. u read it wrong read it agian
  5. How are we supposed to read it?
  6. what do u mean
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    u would know
  8. .......
  9. i think your trying too hard
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    i wasn't trying to anything i was just having conversations on omegle then this happened

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