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  1. This telemarketing company somehow got my number and they wouldn't stop calling. They must of called like 20 times. So finnally I picked up and the lady started talkin I cut her off when she was and freaked out. I screamed at her soo much and said if I ever get a call from them again there are gonna be some huge issues. I am high as fuck and telemarketers don't quit. Who has funny telemarketer stories.
  2. nah man, whenever they call and ask for so and so just be like "yeah, just a second. Ill go grab them" then put the phone down and walk away. They want to waste my time, ill waste thiers.
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  3. I've done that so many times.
    If I'm in a talkative mood I'll usually randomly start a monologue about my personal life while they're talking. And when they ask serious questions I'll reply with such random answers I'm sure they question my humanity. It's quite fun actually when you get into it.
  4. When they start talking just be like


    (All done in an epic sean connery voice)
  5. Wow she just called again. I had to get nasty this time. I told the lady that for her job and companies sake I suggest you not call again.
  6. one time soneone called me about a free phone lol. the conversation went something like this.

    them"hello im such and such, we are offering a free phone with 3 year contract."
    me"ohh thats great i could really use a new phone, my old one got cancled because i didnt pay the bills"

    them"okay sir, this phone has(list of shit phone has) and we will give it to you free with a three year contract at 50 dollars a month."

    me"you said it was free man, i cant afford 50 dollars a month, you cant call me offering a free phone and them hit me with a 50 dollar charge a month"

    him"well sir if you cant afford it how about giving it to your family"

    me"well i would but my mom cant figure out how to use the alarm clock, she wont be able to use a new cell phone"

    him"okay sir thats fine. what about one of your friends, im sure one of them could use a new phone?"

    me" .....(long pause) i...Dont have any friends..(in a sad voice sounding like i was about to cry)

    him"okay sir, well have a good day" (hangs up)

    i laughed for a good while after that one.
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  7. I am all for fucking with telemarketers in good humor, but what's with all the hate/anger toward them? Just doin' their job mang, don't hate. They want to be on that call even less than you do.

    That wasn't directed toward anyone, just in general. Everyone I know gives telemarketers so much shit.
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    I tried telemarketing, didn't last even 3 months at it. The job made me hate myself and it was difficult to sleep, I was literally lying to old people trying to make them buy shit they didn't need and that's not something a man with a conscience should do for a living.

    Anyway, a funny story (maybe)... I don't know where telemarketers get their leads, but sometimes there are false leads. People who give a fake name. One day, right before the last calls of the day, as I'm finishing a call and getting ready to do another one, I overhear one of the dudes say to a prospect...

    "Yes, I'm just looking for Amanda Lay..."

    edit: ^^ disrespect of the marketing profession and everyone who chooses to participate is 100% valid. Sure it's just a job, but it's one they chose, and it's a difficult one to stay at both because of the hard truth (you're conning people all day every day) and because of the competitive nature (you don't keep this job long if you don't hit quotas).

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDW_Hj2K0wo"]YouTube- Bill Hicks on Marketing[/ame]

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