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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by magnet23, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. so im working at kmart as a cashier and theres like this tubby black kid who i think might have a little downs. he starts just like talking about hours and shit. hes been working there like a month longer than me and he asks how many hours you get next week? and i said 20, you?, he goes. 5. lmao and i like had to hold it in so hard at this point. then some spanish family rolls through his register. they are like hablablala and spanish and shit. then like all of a sudden this kid starts babbling spanish at them and has a full blown conversation in spanish. i lost it i was hysterical. my manager was looking at me like wtf is this kid doin. then i turn around and he hands me an ice cold water bottle. im like wtf, where did you get this? hes like my mom just came over. no she didnt, there was just no way. so im drinkin it and hes like he want a piece of gum? sure, i look up and hes like ill have 2 if you have 2. its on then, i'm about to put it my mouth when im like, bet you wont go three. hes down. im just getting a cramp in my jaw from holding the laugh so long it was ridiculous. my night at kmart.
  2. your job sounds really chill, next time triple dog dare him to do things.
  3. Epitome of a cool story.....dude.
  4. sounds like a fun co-worker, really I bet that would be a blast haha.
  5. i triple dog dare you to try and put 5 bags inside each other and put something in it
  6. Dude, i know a guy who fits that perfectly. When i was in college there was this weird ass kid who has glasses, tubby, and hes black, But hes annoying as shit and really weird. But one day we were out in the smoking deck and he was asking everybody for a cigg, and no one would help em out. Then this Hispanic guy comes walking out and the kid starts speaking Spanish like its nothing. You don't happen to live in NC do you magnet?

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