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  1. OK,
    so saturday night i had a few freinds you know the normal we smoke just bout 5 or 6 bowls a blunt and a j and then personal bowls needless to say we were all ripped

    so bout 2 o clock in the morning rolls around and we go to steak n shake where are eyes are soo red and low it was totally obvious

    so we sit down wait for our waiter he comes over and instantly starts laughing he says looks like you guys had a nice session before you came in here lol he said hes going to be doin that on his way home this was pretty cool tho

    just thought i would share that

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  2. Haha thats pretty cool, it would be funny as hell if you left him a J or somethin as a tip.
  3. that thats pretty funny.

    me and UF-Toker went to dunkin donuts the other week and i ordered a vanilla cream donut or whatever and the guy stares at me and then bust out laughing and says "you guys are so high. do you know what you just said?" me and UFT look at each other then look at the guy and he goes "you just ordered a 'nunilla donut'". and me and uft just bust our laughing. it was great
  4. That is awsome. I love when you go out and you know everyone knows you r blazed. I went to myrtle beach one year and my best friend went with. So we r driving down and he eats like 4mg's of xanax, and drinks 5 beers. I get to the campground and smoke a fat ass bowl, and he joins(he does not smoke but did just to do it with me). Neddless to say we r so gone by this tyme its not even safe. We get in the car(i'm driving) and go out for some food. We go to this fancy ass place idk we were so ripped. We sat down the waitress came over and goes,can I help you guys. We r like yea i'll have steak and my buddy orders whatever. i have to take a piss right , so I go to the bathroom(have no clue where it is, but i find it), I take a piss and head back to the seat when I get out of the bathroom I am really feeling this bud, I cannot remember where we sat. I wonder around the whole place looking for my seat and I finally found it. When I get there the food is done and she is putting it out. I sit down and look over at my friend, this is when I realized that everyone in the whole place knows we r high. My friend looks like shit and I prolly do to. i call the waitress and tell her we want our food to go , she laughs, and says O.K. She gives us a box for the meals we never ate and we left her a huge tip. We firgured we needed to get home ASAP> It was fun and I would do it again, maybe. JOE>
  5. From a waiter's point of view, waiting on stoners can be the highlight of the shift... it can sometimes even overshadow the lack of a good tip... as long as the stoners don't make the job more difficult. :cool:
  6. LMAO, haha man that kicked ass, could you imagine the look of his face if he got a nice J for a tip, lol +rep for making me laugh

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