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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I heard about this website from my boyfriend, and I decided to make an account myself:)

    A little about me:

    My name is Haley, I enjoy doing everything I can to look at life through a higher perspective. I believe that happiness comes from with in. This life is yours and how you live it is your choice. I live my life by getting high and swimming through the clouds, researching and expanding my mind, and making this adventure I call life one to maybe write a book about some day.
    Getting high is a big part of my life, it takes me to a whole new level of understanding this crazy world. My favorite thing to do is get high and have crazy mind blowing intellectual conversations. I'm all open to anyone who would like to talk and I'm very excited to figure out and explore this website a little more. :)

    Stay high friends!
  2. Welcome to the City:wave:

    Sounds like you'll fit in just fine here!
  3. Sounds awesome, welcome to the city :smoking:

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