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  1. If someone tells me that life is like a dream, and that death is the awakening, I ask: into what will I wake? If my life is in fact a dream to wake from, for what reason would I accept that what I am waking into is not also a dream? To hold such a belief appears to demand surrender to incomprehensibility. To say, most simply, that the whole of reality is impossible to know. What is there to gain by embracing this idea?

    If reality is impossible to know, then anything can be real. That thought only complicates matters. Once everything can be possible and nothing impossible, how can we frame questions to help us measure? I might propose we all measure and conclude that what is the consensus must be the truth, but that poses a deeper problem: I cannot know with any certainty about the measurements of other individuals. I have no way to prove their observations are independent from my own.

    In fact, the ultimate end is that there is nothing outside my mind and its senses that I can reasonably call real. This is reasonable with an open mind, but somehow I simply cannot accept it completely. I consider it a dangerous idea: the simplest way to measure it would be an act I'd wish not to encourage in any way. If I am wrong, that will be the last mistake I make.

    On conclusion, I must avoid making that mistake. It is better not to have that knowledge than to die and perhaps still not have that knowledge. If this is a dream, I must continue to try to understand it for what it is showing me, for I have no way to know for certain that I would wake if it is to end.
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    The idea is not to think, but to exist...or at least not to allow ourselves to have complicating thoughts, and by that I literally mean thoughts that interfere with experience of the present moment.

    These thoughts only hinder us from full experience.

    Now that's not to say that all thought is bad of course...thought is part of who we are, there are just ways to use thought productively and ways to use thought detrimentally. Confusing yourself by trying to solve the meaning of life is detrimental, it takes away from your being able to experience what is here, now... as you said, it's not our job to solve anything, just to experience and learn.
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    Spot on, chap. This is the great paradox of theism or requesting the belief in anything supernatural. Once you allow one element of supernatural to exist, then any supernatural phenomena can exist. It simply comes down to parsimony and pragmatism in my opinion. It isn't parsimonious whatsoever to suggest the supernatural nor is it any longer practical.

    If there's one thing we do have, it's our senses. It's fool hearty to ignore them in my opinion.
  4. Reality is, only what reality is perceived to be.
  5. If I am tracking you accurately, you are saying the paradox goes something like this: why would we allow for God but not Zeus, Thor, Vishnu, etc.? One exclusive spiritual belief seems even more illogical than the idea that all spiritual beliefs can be valid.
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    Yep or even more famously, the flying spaghetti monster.

    It's why I refuse to believe in anything. All the conclusions I've come to, I've made sure any other normal person could do the same - no psychedelics, no astral traveling, just a lot of time in the books understanding how the universe works.
  7. ya, you dont know a lot yet, but have made great technology in past 100 years compared to another countries who are poor, we give them technology, i admit i think USA is number uno, even through the corruption, what didi just type? makes some sense to me

  8. Exactly. The human will attempt to quantify and qualify what it sees into something it can process. Even death is reality. If there is no afterlife, you still will perceive something: endless blackness? It is impossible to know. Maybe at the instant of death the brain creates visions and destroys it's sense of time so you live an eternity inside your head in a speck of time. Maybe it's like falling asleep. We can't truly know until we pass the threshold. The human mind just can not comprehend literal eternity: everything and all time, past the destruction of the universe, past every event ever to happen in the entirety of existence. This digresses, but I feel I needed to say it.
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    i dont know what the rest of that gibberish was, but this statement stands out.

    you claim to have answers but i've never seen you do anything but make people doubt what you are saying.

    Interesting you come to that thought. I talked about it briefly in my prior thread.

    That idea is what keeps me grounded to materialism. There comes a point where the answers are not satisfying. I can say I am in my own dream on the cusp of death, and maybe even that when I die in this dream I will live on in another dream on the cusp of death inside this dream. The regression gets boring and ultimately, I have to accept that the means of testing my conceptions about life and death are unacceptable. Thus, I am back on the ground, content to discover the rules and nature of whatever it is this is.
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    my answer is LOVE

    my message:
    believe you will conscious forever and you will be

    dont waste time with hate
    respect mother nature
    have a moral compass
    do right
    ima pimp in my mind, not a pimp to these hos
    start thinking.. dont like my music, change me, question me
  11. It always boils down to the big question. Is the brain consciousness ? It seems that death is the only way to answer this question at this time. I would love to know the answer. I must admit the logical answer is death is the end. So I plan to stay alive as long as I can.

    It would be nice if science could someday give the answer but so far there is no proof that consciousness goes on after death. Of course no one really knows for sure. I find this to be a very interesting topic.

    Thinking about such things may indeed be a waste of time but I must admit I can not stop. To me what ever it is it is a natural thing as you said what ever that may be.
  12. how can you become unconscious, once conscious, being born into something and dieing, it seems likely what controls the universe is telepathic and you become telepathic consciousness to.

    my god is my judge, no gown, no gavel
  13. There are many ways to lose consciousness that do not involve death. A blow to the head, coma, drug over dose to name a few. Look up the meaning of unconsciousness and you will see.
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    We are all in a program, when we Die we ascend into the matrix where we are then Grown as a crop of energy for the machine. true story bro.:smoke:

    Guys, all sarcasm aside. Each and everyone of you just completely blew my mind. lol
  15. ya we become the calculator of memories when we die
    endless dreams, no sense of time. while being engulfed in infinite light, its something to look forward to at the end. im not afraid to die, im happy i get to die, who wants eternal life on earth anyway?


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