Living soil vs Normal soil with nutes

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Lowkey4ever, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. What will produce a larger yield? Organic living soil or normal soil plus nutes.

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  2. Generally normal soil and nutes will produce more yield, but not that much more.  That's what happens when plants are force fed chemical nutrients.
    Quantity does not necessarily mean quality.
    Industrialized food production is perfect example of this...
  3. But what tastes better and sells for more money? ;)
  4. Yooooooooou know!
  5. You know it buddy! Go organic or go home I say! :smoke:
  6. fuck a bottle! but not literally... :smoke:
    Actually, expertly grown hydro. :confused_2:
    The absolute best I ever had, period. Then again, this grower was pretty much a one off and nothing else has ever come close. Certainly nothing I've ever grown.
    But, you asked.  :ey:
  8. I respect your experience, and hope that one day i breed a strain or try a well preserved organic land race that will be able to rival that plant you tried with that guy!  :cool:
  9. Well, for the land race bit, I would suggest checking out Mandala Seeds. They are one of the very few that do a lot with land race genetics. If you like a sativa, their SATORI is truly worth checking out.
    This guy with the amazing hydro just flat had the "touch". From the conversation there seemed to be nothing special in the equipment or, in the nutes (other than it was a drain to waste), and the strain was barely mentioned, but mostly sativa from the buzz. Pretty sure it was something he bred himself, but fairly close mouthed about. He just had a true gift for growing.
  10. The fine friends I worked with in another part of MI - the Emerald Isle folk - had that exact same gift you speak of. Their approach to cultivation was special and unique to be sure and their product was superior every single time. They could and did accomplish the same outdoors organic only they just couldn't produce the mass that gently fed DWC grown indoors offered.  
    Either way with them was A+ all the time.  

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