living on ur own Hard/Easy/Fun?

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  1. so basically i got caught for the third time so now i have to find my own place im 19 so its good its happenin now cause i didnt plan to stay there till 20 or so. so i was just wondering how is living by urself in an apartment or whatnot??? why i posted in this thread idk so dont pay attention to that 8-D
  2. Living one your own is hard at first.

    It could take some time to adjust, but you will soon realize how great privacy is.

    You will also realize how great living with your parents was.
  3. yeah at first its weird, you have to get used to doing things that you never have done ever because your parents took care of them for you, but once you get used to it its so much better. and your parents start to treat you differenty, its not bad its just they look at you like your more mature its pretty cool.
  4. hard, but fun. hope you like ramen :)

  5. QFT

    I just recently moved back home last weekend with my parents, after stickin it out for 6 months living on my own... At first, I wasn't going to school, which was why I moved out. I was bustin my ass workin full time doing night shifts.... Shit sucked and I barley scraped by with the basic living expenses.. I didn't even have a car back then, so add another what, 300 a month for me and fuuck man, no way in hell I could do that again... Gotta get a better job than working for 9 bucks an hour.

    I love living with my parents dude... Just this weekend my moms gave me 100 dollars and said go buy yourself some nice shoes and get some quiznos on your way home.

    Goddamn do i love living at home again :wave:
  6. That had me rollin for a while. Yeah man, living alone isn't too bad, I like it.
  7. so for the most part it seems like its not that bad i have a job that pays pretty good but ill get another for miscellanous(spell check) things clothes shoes 8-D ill just be on my grind but the fucked up part was gettin caught my dad is making me pay him rent now to stay in "his" room so i said fuck that and decided it was time to go NEVER SMOKE WITH A WHITE LIGHTER i did it a week ago and here i am gettin the boot lol
  8. it is all of the above young grasshoppa
  9. im moving out of my parents house at the end of the summer.

    im exited and nervous at the same time.

    well, i wish you the best of luck on finding a nice apartment and starting your new life on yoru own.:hello:
  10. Don't know what you guys are talking about haha. I love living on my own. Only took me about a month to get used to. Nothing to complain about. Its easy living and you can basically do w.e u want to do. :hello:
  11. living on ur own is great..its a very diff. lifstyle tho...i moved to a apt the summer b4 last and was stayin with a room mate it was kool...i had to move back in with my stepdad last summer bc of my work havin a layoff and now almost a year later im moving back out this super excited...dude i think once u get out and realize how much shit u can get away with and not always havin to cover ur tracks or watch wat u do and all...its great...Best of luck dude!!!

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