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    I think it might be cool to live in the forest. Ive been thinking about it for a few years. Imagining every possible scenario. Idea is to out into the deep mountains and live off the land. Eating edible greens and small game. Drinking spring water. Making a little cabin. Growing some vegetables. Blah blah.

    Winter would suck, but if i was able to harvest enough food and create a cozy shelter i think id be ok. Nothing permanent but maybe for a year or so just to clear my head.

    Im really into survival shows and wilderness survival techniques.Nature nerd. Honestly I dont really have much going on right now. No kids, a shitty job, family issues. If i decide to do it im definitely takin a camera and posting my adventures when i get back.


    -small hatchet
    -2 medium size tarps
    -a heavy jacket
    -few pairs of undees
    -under armor
    -small pot/pan
    - a 5 lb bag of oats
    -battery camera
    - a couple hundred bucks for the trip

    Im not too worried about bears and shyt. More worried about hunters and crazy rednecks.

    If any of you blades have expertise about these things throw me some concepts.
  2. A) you forgot your pot -.-
    B) take a friend with you, you'd get crazy a year with no talking.. like tom hanks in castaway..
  3. Ha yeah, I've sometimes considered the idea, maybe for a few weeks or so though, not a whole year.

    Thing is though I would go mad from boredom, and I don't think I could really give up all the creature comforts of home completely.

    But yeah, good luck man if you're decided, but take chris' suggestions into account too
  4. Bring some parachute chord and a first aid kit. Unless you're experienced with hunting small game (making pitfall traps and that sort of stuff), the 5 lbs of oats aren't going to do much.
  5. Hunting small game would be a lot harder then fishing. If I were you, i'd fish out there for the majority of your diet.
  6. You have been watching Dual Survival

    Dual Survival : Discovery Channel

  7. True i forgot to add rope to my kit.

    I dont think boredom would be an issue since its a life or death situation. If your struggling to survive your not gonna be to worried about having fun. I would keep myself occupied by building stuff. Maybe drawing, writing.

    I said a year but basically i would do it for as long as i could without going i.e crazy.

    5 lbs of oats would be enough to hold me over in between meals and while hunting/fishing. Humans can live up to a month without any food.

    Traps would be major since i wouldnt have a gun. I also dont mind eating insects.
  8. Bring a few canned foods just incase. Also a half sheet of ummmmm....:hippie:
  9. Watch into the wild.
  10. ^ i saw that movie. that kid was kinda dumb tho how he fucked up the moose meat and ate poison berries.
  11. Dude this is my fucking dream. I wish i was brave enough to do it. I think i'd be awesome. I would get really lonely though, id need some company... i think

    I've been thinking about trying something like this for a short time after i graduate from college. I just dont know what i want to do with my life. You only live once. I dont want to waste my life with a stupid job. Id rather work to sustain myself with food and enjoy nature the way it was meant to be.
  12. My friend lives with this 40 year old couple and he decided he wants to set up a tent in the back and just live back there. Become and urban survivor and try and take advantage of everything he can.

    Lol idk about all of it but I can't wait to hotbox the tent.

    Good luck though. Don't get eaten
  13. you cannot live in the wild without a goat, bruuuh!
  14. That's everything I keep by my toilet, nice.
  15. wait ur really not worried about bears? dude you should be.
  16. no water or bugspray? Your gonna die or be back home in a week
  17. look up permaculture, make the wild live with and work for you for your food, much better idea imho
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    seriously man, bears aren't too big of an issue as long as you know how to take care of your food, keep it AWAY FROM CAMP and DO NOT KEEP EVEN CRUMBS IN YOUR TENT
    take lots of rope, cus you'll want to hang your food at least 12 feet up, higher is better, have toi hang BETWEEN trees but not IN a tree because some bears will climb, all your deoderant and other smellies should be hung up as well, perfume could result in a bear attack if not in the right place, but for the most part, theres nothing to be worried about, unless you're in yellowstone where all those DUMBASSES think they can feed the bears from their cars, those bears can be pretty dangerous thx to tourists

    and rednecks/hunters shouldn't be to big of a deal, me personally, i'd just sit down and BS with ya for a bit, though some may call you in for poaching...

    i've had many years of experience camping in bear country, so as long as your not in an area where dumbass tourists feed the bears and you take the right precautions(one of which would be having other people with you, another is to carry a good gun jsut in case) they tend to stay away and not be seen much
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