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  1. Does anyone or anyone know anyone who lives full-time in an RV? I was considering saving up some money and buying an RV and some land and just keeping my RV on the land. I was thinking it would save me so much money not having to pay rent or a mortage and plus I am a person who enjoys the simplistic lifestyle. I would live completely off the land if I could. What do you guys think? 

  2. lol That would be cool. And by live completely off the land, what exactly do you mean? If it means what I think it means, I feel like that'd be hard but I don't know shit.
  3. I used to live in a camping trailer with my dad, step-mom, and younger step-brother. It was miserable. Sure it doesn't cost anything other than propane, electricity, gas, etc, but you miss the space and having a normal bathroom, kitchen, not having to go to a laundromat, etc. 
  4. Like how in Alaska a lot of people catch and hunt their own food and stuff. Sure it would be hard to live like that but that would probably be one of the most rewarding ways to live at least in my opinion. 
  5. Well that is like 4 people. Lol it was probably really crowded. If I ever do this it would be only me. Something tells me I'd really like it. 
    Well as long as you got the right land, it's certainly doable. I think dirtydingusus lives a lifestyle kind of like that.
  7. Yeah, it was crowded, there was absolutely no privacy to speak of whatsoever, no hot water for showers, etc. With one person it'd probably be alright, though. Finding places to park legally, etc might be hard, though. Some of those places can be more expensive per month than an apartment, so you'd have to be careful there.
    Well first off, I don't understand why you would buy a piece land to park a mobile living home in. You might not have to pay rent or mortgage but you'll have to pay taxes on the land, and lease payments for the RV...not to mention repair costs cause there's a lot of shit that goes wrong with RVs..and dumping toilet waste and getting clean water is a real hassle..
    Plus it's pretty difficult to live off the land in modern society...most people in Alaska who do that have been doing it a long time, for generations, with their families, and they actually have a nice habitat with food to live in...So unless you're willing to get really separated from society, it's gonna be difficult to find somewhere with animals to hunt and fruit to pick.
    It's a nice dream, but definitely not something you can do for the rest of your should watch Into the Wild
  9. Yea that is why I was considering just buying some of my own land, like I could probably find a cheap lot or something somewhere. Some places you can buy land fairly cheap. Although if I could find like a nice place to just hunker down legally I totally would. I've always dreamt of living the simplest as possible, ever since I was a wee lad. lol
  10. I didn't say I would live completely off the land. I said I would if I could. Lol and yea I am aware of the land taxes and the other difficulties I would possibly face. Although it is doable. I was reading this article of this guy who lives in an RV and he only lives off about 11,000 dollars a year. And thanks I'll check that out. lol
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    Ive been living in a 31 foot camper trailer on 28 acres for a year now. Its been interesting. It gets tight inside sometimes when the girlfriend is staying with me but im building a covered deck so I can spend more time living outside. I got my trailer for 2400 bucks, its from 1984 and its been holding up well. I live in rural Georgia and my taxes are low. Dad owns the land and lives down in florida so all I got to pay for is my power which is never more than 100 a month but I could do allot better if the AC unit wasn't so damn old. I have a water trailer that I fill up at a friends and Im working on getting a well drilled but its costly. It cost me quite a bit to get a power pole hooked up on the property but that's only because I wanted to run it kinda far into my property. Dump my sewage in a septic system hole thing I rigged up.  I have a garden started this year and a small flock of ducks for eggs. I love it. I can stand in my front yard naked smoking a fat joint while firing off rounds from my AK47 all day and nobody's gonna give me any shit. Now that's freedom.
  12. I have thought about it and it sounds like it'd be cool. Being able to move around and live where ever. But then I thought how awkward it would be to bring chick's back to your rv to Fuck. They'd probably think it would be creepy. Also not having good Internet would suck.
  13. Damn dude that sounds fucking awesome. Lol
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    deleted double post. lol  
  15. You are the fucking man and truu American

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  16. I'd dig it. I'd love to be a nomad and just stay on the move. See the sights.
  17. I don't know if I personally would want to do it and live off the land I would rather do it and just bounce place to place. I personally have a camper it's a Ft 27 I have it sitting on a lot on the Ohio camper and i spend most of my summers in it
  18. My goal is to live on a sailboat.  :hello:
    Its like an RV on the water. 
  19. what happens if you get married? 

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