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Discussion in 'General' started by GillyTHEkid, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Might get me in trouble again... Dt's in particular. Some idiots on the team got into trouble involving mar Jane so our coach warned us he might have to test us.

    He never positively said he would but that there might be a chance.

    The concerns me cuz I failed my dt at my other college. So I'd prolly be in line. I'm over thinking it tho.

    Damn I missed blazing. It's been a week since I've blazed and had to face this cold world sober.

    Smoking this herb sure does put things in perspective.

    I say live for the moment cuz, am I being selfish blazing jus to feel better now?? But in my opinion smoking this weed is like a mental tune up, gotta hitting once in a while.

    I really hope coach doesn't test us... I've grinding too hard on the field and weight room to piss (haha u get it ;)) it all away from puffin on this blunt.

    It's all good though, lately things have been lookin good so I'll live on the edge for a change.

    Geez I need to chillax bro
  2. Is this a question?

    Or an answer?

  3. Ahh,

    take a break now or something. or grow some balls and be a boss, really you need to just wait till you're older and do not have as many people breathing down your back. you may be in college but you're immature

    it is way more fun to be able to blaze with a very free feeling, with no superficial bullshit holding you back from enjoying the herb

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